Red, White, and Blue in the Foyer and More

Red, white, and blue vignette in the foyer - The 2 Seasons

If you’ve been around here a while, then you know I like to change the vignette on the marble-topped dresser in our foyer.  Sometimes it changes according to the season, and sometimes it changes monthly.  With Independence Day right around the corner, I definitely had to go for the red, white, and blue.  Again, it […]


July 4th in the Kitchen

July 4 on rustic kitchen shelves - The 2 Seasons

Celebrating America’s birthday is my second favorite holiday (Thanksgiving is my fave), and both of our children, their spouses, and our first grandchild will be here for the entire week-end.  We have tons of activities planned ranging from Shakespeare in the Park, a 10k race, cook-outs, fireworks, a patriotic concert and picnic, a horse show, […]


The Seasons’ Saturday Selections

The Flower Workshop

Happy Saturday. We hope you enjoy our picks.     I was thinking the other day I need a summer wreath, and here is a great DIY one for your door.       Love state pride and this cute state art bottle opener.     We think this is a fun and casual shirt.     This is […]


Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes

Lemon poppy seed pancakes - The 2 Seasons

Mr. Right and I love having brunch after mass on Sunday mornings.  Sometimes we stop by a local restaurant on our walk home , but most of the time, I like to prepare it myself.  It’s important to me to mix it up every week so that brunch doesn’t become monotonous.  I’ll assemble a frittata, […]


A 70th Wedding Anniversary

Grandma and Grandad celebrate their 70th anniversary

Today is a special day in our family.  My parents are celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary.  They married on June 22, 1946 in Cumberland, MD after Daddy came home from fighting in World War II.  He was shot on three occasions  in the war.  After he was healed, he went back to the front line.  […]


Uses for New Paint Cans

Uses for new paint cans - The 2 Seasons

We had a lot of fun thinking up our latest monthly article for Angie’s List.  Mom wrote about some great uses for new paint cans.  It has gotten a lot of positive responses from readers of Angie’s List, and we hope you like it, too.  Just use the link below to go to Angie’s site.


The Seasons’ Saturday Selections

Screen shot from Lonny

Enjoy our the great selections we have for you today.  


Avocado Salad Recipe

Avocado Salad - The 2 Seasons

The first time I had avocado salad was on a trip we took to Laos.  We were in a little village that was built on stilts over a lake, and we had to take a boat to get to it.  The salad was so fresh and delicious that I decided I would figure out how […]


Some Products We Like

Screen shot of physicians formula from Amazon

Last week when I was visiting Jordan, she showed a new face mask to me that she loves.  Then I told her about a new mascara and brow product that I am loving.  Almost at the same time, we said we should do a post on them so you can know about them and perhaps […]


A Tour of Our Guest Room

Jordan's guest room - The 2 Seasons

I had time to get this post together during nap time thanks to Mom taking the photos last week.  I realized after typing the headline that the word tour might make our guest room sound grander than it is.  The guest room is the smallest bedroom in the house, and we put it together with […]

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