The Seasons’ Saturday Selections, # 10

Top This Top That

We have some good ones for you today.   Kim has the magic touch when it comes to decorating, and she has impressed us once again with her sun room updates at Savvy Southern Style.


Chicken Pot Pie Baked in a Pumpkin

Pumpkin pot pie

People always say that we eat with our eyes first.  As soon as they see it, this chicken pot pie baked in a pumpkin will make your family’s mouth water.  When they bite into it, they’ll be even more impressed.  This pot pie is fancy enough for dinner guests, and simple enough for just a […]


Fixing A Framed Art Problem


Don’t you love it when you walk in a store, and something calls your name?  That happened to me last week when I stopped in at the very nice antique shop near my house.  I had not been there for months and months, and I just wanted to take a little browse around.  Within about […]


My Favorite Room- The Kitchen

Jordan and I recently gave tours of our favorite rooms over at Savvy Southern Style.  We thought you might enjoy seeing our faves and taking another look around.  I chose the kitchen although the guest room was a close second.  


A Visit to Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

Yankee and I took a quick little trip over the Labor Day weekend to Prince Edward Island.  It was a perfect weekend getaway, and we really enjoyed the island.  We did all things Anne of Green Gables which you can read about here.  I also wanted to show you some other highlights from the trip.


A Tour Through Blogland

Fall in the courtyard

We are honored to have been invited by Ashley from Our Temporary Home to participate in this Tour Through Blogland.  We were  able to meet Ashley at the Haven blog conference this year in Atlanta.  This little tour gives our readers a chance to learn a little bit about Mom and me and to also learn about […]


The Seasons’ Saturday Selection, #9


Happy Saturday, everyone.  Here we go…… We love this upcycle that The Lettered Cottage did.         The only thing we can say about this caramel apple cheesecake dip is, “Oh, my…….” Although we don’t have any kids, we love this.   Erin from Sunny Side Up shows us her beautiful family room updates and […]


Homemade Pizza Sauce

Homemade pizza sauce

Finally, after thinking I wasn’t going to get even one tomato, the bushes that I planted in my herb garden last spring have started to produce.  I picked a pan full and decided it might be fun to make some homemade pizza sauce so Mr. Right and I could enjoy a delicious pizza from scratch.


Breakfast at the Patisserie


I know that title sounds very “Oh, la, la”, but really, I’m just talking about breakfast at a bakery down the street.  However, that bakery isn’t just your typical ole donut kind of USA bakery.  If I didn’t know better,  I would think the National Boulangerie and Patisserie, which is located a ten-minute walk from […]


Are You Ready For Some Tailgating?


 Football season is finally here!  While attending the University of Georgia, I learned that football Saturdays were like religious holidays for people who love the game.  Tailgating is a must, and it is always good time.  This month for our Houzz guest pick idea book, we have picked some great selections that will help make […]

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