How to Add Curb Appeal

How to add Curb Appeal

If you think we have spent a lot of time on gardening and outdoor ideas recently, then you would be correct.  After all, tis the season!!!  We recently curated a post for the folks over at Hometalk about how to add curb appeal to your home.  We put together over twenty great posts by other […]


The Three Plants for Container Gardens

Container garden - The 2 Seasons

Since many of us are busily planning what we’ll be putting into our pots and planters, we thought it would be the perfect time to revisit this post about the rules for planting a container garden.  We learned these great tips during a session with a gardening expert while attending a blog conference last summer.   […]


DIY Shhhhh Sign

DIY Shh.. Sign

When I was looking through some old Country Living magazines, I came across a cute sign, and all it said was Shhhhh.  I thought it would be cute in an office, a home library, on a gallery wall or in a child’s room.  I knew it would also be very easy to make my own, […]


Five Spring Cleaning Tips

Great room art

At last!!! Spring is here, and it’s time to throw open those windows and transform your home from cozy and warm to bright, clean, and vibrant.  I get all giddy when it’s time to do some spring cleaning, and so we thought it might be nice to share five spring cleaning tips you can do […]


Five Recipes That Use Chocolate

Chocolate Recipes2

  It’s no secret that we enjoy our chocolate around here.  I think it’s safe to say that many of us would mainline it if we could.  We were taking a look at the recipes that we have published over our four years of blogging and hand-picked five recipes using chocolate that are either full-on […]


Front Door Ideas

London color

Hi everyone.  When we think about London, England, we often think about the dreary, foggy, rainy weather.  Because of that dreariness factor, the people who live there and own homes and townhomes do their best to bring color to their worlds.  When we were strolling around London on our last trip there, I snapped some […]


Five Great Garden Ideas

MA's cy

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.  Top of the mornin’ to you!!!  Since today is about all things green, it seems only fitting that we take our thoughts to the outdoors and all of its greenness.  We looked through our archives and found five great garden ideas (plus a bonus) you can start thinking about right […]


Bookshelf Update With Peel-off Wallpaper

Bookcases with removal wallpaper on back of shelves.

The other day when I was browsing the aisles of Target, I discovered that they had removable wallpaper.  I thought… hmm… I want to add a little something to the back of the bookcases in our office, and this would be the perfect thing.  I tossed a few rolls into my cart, and I was […]


Lemon Coconut Trifle Recipe

Lemon Coconut Trifle

Do you need a new dessert for the week-end?  I found an easy and delicious dessert recipe for lemon coconut trifle in my mother’s Paula Deen magazine.  The good thing is that it can be made from items already made/baked that you can just buy at the grocery.  Now, if you are like me, you […]


Five Side Trips from Cancun, Mexico

Chichen Itza

We love little week-end adventures, and last week-end Yankee and I decided to head to Cancun for some fun in the sun.  We needed a break from the cold weather and leaky roof.  Why stress over something when there is nothing we can do about it (at the moment)?  Instead, we headed to some sunshine […]

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