A Day in Our Lives

Our day

Monday afternoon Mr. Right and I are hopping on a plane, and our final destination will be Syracuse where Jordan and Yankee will host Thanksgiving for us and other family members.  I’m squealing with delight!!!  During her visit here a few weeks ago, we took some iphone shots of a typical day for us when […]


The Seasons’ Saturday Selections


Happy week-end, everyone!!  Enjoy the selections we loved this week.  


White Potato Pie Recipe

White Potato Pie

This white potato pie recipe is a delicious custard pie with an odd main ingredient.  Even though potatoes are probably the most popular food in our diets, we don’t think of using them in desserts.  Well, we need to rethink that.  When I was a little girl, a couple named Pete and Sarah lived down […]


Changes in the Upstairs Hallway

Upstairs foyer

A few weeks ago I showed you the dresser that I moved from the upstairs hallway to the foyer.  The bench that had been in that spot was moved to the upstairs.  It was a simple little task that really just involved the two pieces of furniture switching spots, but it gave both areas a […]


Our New Bathroom Floor

Bathroom tile project

This project was started two years ago.  I know, right?   We realized then that we needed a new toilet, and one thing lead to another.  We ended up upgrading, and with that came a need for some new flooring.  However, we never actually got around to finishing the job.  Whoops!   And so for […]


Updating Rooms with Amanda

Updating a Dining room

I was recently in Ohio for my day job, and while I was there, I had some extra time with nothing scheduled.  My best friend Amanda (her house tour here) happens to live in the same town I was in, so we decided to work together for the day.  Amanda has started her own design […]


Mold and My Seagrass Rugs

Seagrass rug mold

Could your seagrass rugs have mold growing in them?  If someone had asked me this question just two weeks ago, I would have shouted a long and loud, “No!” from the rooftops.  But that was before Jordan and I saw a weird green substance on the two 9 x 12 seagrass carpets that are in […]


Seasons Saturday Selections

Duke & Duchesses

Happy Saturday.  We found some goodies for you today.   Randi, from Dukes & Duchesses shows us how to make a great fall centerpiece.   Stefanie, who writes  Brooklyn Limestone  is not afraid to really travel with a toddler.  Here’s her latest- a trip to-Korea.   Ashley, from The Handmade Home creates a thankful tree.   […]


Eight Recipes for the Holidays

Oatmeal bars

If yours is the house everyone in your family is headed to for Thanksgiving, then you might be feeling a little stress right about now.  Oh, we know that you have the main meal down pat.  After all, we all have our standards for the big meal on Thanksgiving day, and adding or subtracting any […]


Fall in the Sunroom

fall in the sunroom

When we bought our townhouse, one of the bonus features that it had was a sunroom.  When we stopped at our first B an B on our walking tour in the Cotwolds last month, the homeowner served us tea in her sunroom, except she called it her conservatory.  That sounds so much fancier, and in […]

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