Blackberry Jam Recipe

Blackberry jam recipe

I know it seems kind of weird to be talking about blackberry jam when it isn’t even blackberry season.  Evidently Kroger didn’t get the memo, because they had blackberries on special last week for a ridiculously low price.  Since I was about to empty my last jar of peach jam, I bought enough blackberries and […]


Five Things To Get You Derby Ready

Horse 2

We may or may not be getting some snow flurries today.  While I am so ready for spring to come and stay, I am looking forward to the first Saturday in May which many of us call Derby Day.  Being a Kentucky gal, I love all things that come with the Derby.  It’s steeped in […]


Summer Fireplace Solution

Painted fireplace logs

We have a short post today just to remind you of a great idea we showed in December when we wrote about this.


A New Look in the Upstairs Hall

Modern art

I sometimes ask myself, “What is art?” or “Is it art?”  Usually I have these thoughts and questions after looking at some paint on a canvas and finding out it sold at Sotheby’s for fifty million dollars or more.  Since I have been taking art class, this question comes up a lot.  Another popular question […]


New Art in the Great Room

Bicycle in Amsterdam

Most of you probably know already that I have been taking art classes in oils for over two years now.  My paintings are mostly based on photos that I have taken while traveling.  Recently, I was painting a French scene involving an old house, a river, a bridge, and pots of flowers hanging on the […]


Homemade Almond Milk Recipe

Homemade Almond Milk

I switched over to the almond milk and coconut milk train some time ago.  I am not a milk drinker and never have been, but I do like something creamy in my coffee and in my morning smoothie.  I heard from a friend that you can make your own homemade almond milk, so I thought […]


Visiting the Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands

Last week when we wrote about our trip to Colombia, we said we would be back with a post about the following week when we went to the Galapagos Islands.  It was a wonderful week, and the only bad thing about it was that Yankee couldn’t be there with me. We definitely will go back […]


How to Keep Rugs in Place


Hi all.   I am loving everything about our new kitchen rug except one thing.  It curls up on the ends.  When we were away for two weeks, I put books on the edges hoping that their weight would permanently press the rug down.  The books didn’t work – at all.  Then I had the good […]


Red Pantry Door

Red pantry door

I have been doing some tweaking in the kitchen recently, and I am still at it.  As if the new rug and new to me painted bench weren’t enough, I painted the pantry door red.  


Five Years of Wedded Bliss

Photo from Eric Graf Photography.

I know it is Friday which is normally our recipe day, but we are taking a break in honor of something big in my world.  Instead, I thought I would share with you that today is my five-year wedding anniversary to Yankee.  Our wedding day was such a special, magical day, and I can’t believe it […]

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