Glazed Lemon Brownies

Lemon glazed brownies

I think everyone out there loves a good ole chocolate brownie.  A few years back we ran this recipe for orange brownies,and you all really enjoyed it. When I am invited to a pot-luck, I usually sign up to bring a dessert knowing that everyone will love those orange brownies.  We decided a tweak of […]


We Are Moving!!!

Painted Concrete Stairs

Yes, you read that right!  We teased you last week about a big announcement we had to make.  Well, this is it:   We are moving to a whole new city.  Yankee has taken a new position in his company, and I get to move back to the south.  Call me excited.  There is so much […]


Designer Insights About Us


Hello everyone from Lake Placid, NY. where it is absolutely beautiful.   Mom and I, along with other family members, have rented a beautiful house in the woods for a week.  Yankee competed in his first full Ironman on Sunday along with 2,500 participants, and he finished strong and hard.  It took him 14 hours […]


Converting a Hutch to a Buffet

Kitchen hutch

We are continuing to make our way around the kitchen and see the tweaks that have just been completed.  From the get-go, I wasn’t a fan of the buffet that we put in the eating area of our kitchen during the major remodel we did four years ago.  Frankly, it just looked too granny to […]


Peach Mango Margarita

Peach Mango Margarita

One of our most “pinned” recipes ever has been the Pink Lemonade Margarita that we posted earlier this summer.  Since it was such a hit, we decided to create a new margarita highlighting peaches since they are in season right now.  Our creation is a peach mango margarita, and it is fresh, and tasty, and […]


Bicycling in France


As we mentioned a few weeks ago, our husbands have been busy this summer bicycling across Canada (Dad) and training for a full Ironman (Yankee).  So, Mom and I thought we would be good wives by entertaining ourselves.  And we decided bicycling in France was a great way to keep us busy.  Mom has already […]


Rustic Shelves in a Modern Kitchen

Rustic kitchen shelves

I have been mentioning the tweaks in our kitchen for a while now, and today I am happy to show you one of the areas.  Even though our kitchen is only four years old and has the popular Cararra marble  and white cabinets, it always felt flat to me.  My friend and kitchen designer Debra […]


Key Measurements for Home Decor

Art (Lulubelle)

Do you remember how much fun it was to play with Barbie and her dream house?  Well, that has been me all day long, except I’m not playing with Barbie.  I am putting the finished kitchen and pantry back in order since all of the tweaks are finished, and I am having a blast!  Carpenter […]


The Life in Lifestyle – Random Thoughts

Jordan and Janette

Hi everyone!  Jordan and I arrived home from the Haven conference around 2 a.m. Sunday morning, and boy were we tired!  Thankfully, she did two-thirds of the driving on our six-hour trip.  I don’t know about you, but once I get past the midnight hour, I just assume that everyone else on the road has […]


Five Recipes That Use Summer Veggies and Fruits

Peach jam

We signed up to get a box of organic veggies every week this summer from our local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).  The way it works is that we pay one lump sum of money at the beginning of the summer, and we get a weekly box full of produce until late October.  Everything is fresh, […]

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