Caring for Your Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors are timeless and will look their best for decades if they are cared for properly.  When looking at photos of houses, you can kind of guess when they were built or last remodeled if they have tiled or carpeted floors.  Those two floor coverings can be trendy, and what was stylish and popular […]


Kitchen String Storage

Kitchen string storage - The 2 Seasons

Jordan asked me to tell you all how much she and Charles appreciate your kind comments about yesterday’s post.  It means a lot to know you are pulling for them. We know that instead of calling this post Kitchen String Storage, we could have called it Another Use for a New Paint Can.  Whatever the […]


We’re Adopting a Baby

Thailand Adoption

It’s official!  We’re adopting a baby!  Charles and I are so excited to share this news with you all.  We have been involved in the lengthy process of completing all of the necessary requirements and paperwork since early this year.  We knew that we always wanted children, and Mother Nature determined that we would go […]


Painted Kitchen Bench

Painted bench - The 2 Seasons

I love a good painted kitchen bench.  Don’t you?  It is such an inviting place for Mr. Right or a guest to sit while I’m cooking.  We can catch up on the latest gossip world news while they are comfy and at ease.  Before writing this post, I counted up on my fingers how many […]


The Seasons’ Saturday Selections, #1


Hello everyone!  Are you surprised to see us?  Don’t worry – it’s still Saturday.  We’re showing up on your week-end because we have added a new series to our blog called “The Seasons’ Saturday Selections”, and this is our first one. It will simply be a short to-the-point post that features five reads that we […]


Easy Hummus Recipe

Easy Hummus Recipe

This easy hummus recipe is simple to assemble and inexpensive.  And the best part of all is that it is delicious!!!  I love a good hummus served with some fresh veggies or pita triangles. Don’t get me wrong.  The kind you can buy at the grocery suits me just fine.  But tasting my first homemade […]


New Look for a Mailbox


Nothing stops the mail  from being delivered. Since our mail lady is out there in all types of weather, I thought it was time to give  her  a pleasant mailbox experience when coming up to our house.  In the neighborhood where I live, the mail lady goes door to door by foot to deliver the […]


The Best Garden Hose

Garden hose holder - The 2 Seasons

I finally found the best garden hose on the market in my humble opinion.  Actually, Jordan suggested that I purchase one, so it is her opinion that it is the best garden hose, too.   It is now resting in our Ralph Lauren courtyard.  For years, I have wrestled with an old ugly green garden […]


Summer Outdoor Wedding Reception


The summer outdoor wedding reception that Josie and her family put on for the over 300 guests in attendance was so clever and creative that my mouth was open in awe most of the time.  Hi, everyone!!!  We’re so glad you are here to see our second (and final) day of reliving our son Cory’s […]


The Wedding Day

Wedding Day - The 2 Seasons

A wedding is always a special event, but when it is one of your children’s, it is off the charts.  We had a wedding in our family last week when our son Cory (Jordan’s brother) married Josie in the best country wedding I could ever imagine.  The wedding mass took place at 2:00 in the […]

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