New Paint in the Guest Bath

Guest bath

Hi, everyone.   I had the best time seeing Diane Keaton speak at the Nashville Antique and Garden show on Friday.  I can’t wait to tell you about it.  Meanwhile, last fall Jordan and I both painted our guest bedrooms the same color on the same day.  You can read about that here and here.  Well, […]


DIY Stove Cover

DIY Cook Top

We are slowly working on changing out the appliances in our house, but since it still works just fine, the cook top will be the last appliance to go.  I have never been a fan of our cook top because it is so hard to clean.  I have even had Grandma, the clean queen, try […]


Our New Dining Room Table

New great room table

Ever since we moved into our townhouse three years ago, I have been on the look-out for a new dining room table.  Although the dining table and chairs that we owned were investment pieces, the look was just too formal for our great room.  They were perfect when we had a formal dining room in […]


One Paint Color, Two Rooms

Bedroom 2

A few weeks back Mom posted that we both were going to use the same paint color and refresh our guest rooms.  It’s something we talked about for a while, and we both wanted a warm neutral. I trusted Mom’s judgement, and she picked the color.


Fixing A Framed Art Problem


Don’t you love it when you walk in a store, and something calls your name?  That happened to me last week when I stopped in at the very nice antique shop near my house.  I had not been there for months and months, and I just wanted to take a little browse around.  Within about […]


New Paint in the Guest Room – Creme

Guest room - The 2 Seasons

A few weeks ago Jordan and I wrote here on the blog that we were going to each paint our guest bedrooms using the same color.  Her guest room was gold, and it was the only bedroom they did not paint after moving into their bungalow.  Our guest room was a bright yellow, and frankly, […]


Another Bar Update

Painted Bar

If you have been reading the blog for a while you will know about a vintage bar I purchased on Craigslist a couple of years ago.  Through the years I have painted it and even changed the knobs twice.  Well, I was ready to give it another update and new location in the house.


How to Update A Garage Door

Updating a Garage Door

With just a little effort, it is easy to update a garage door. When we moved into our house, I was a little hesitant about having a detached garage.  After living with it now for almost four years, I now do not think I would go to an attached version.  Yes, on all of those snowy […]


Updating a Picture Frame

Updated frame - The 2 Seasons

It is so easy to update a picture frame with some paint, tinted wax and sandpaper.  I know this because I recently did it myself.  Last year I showed you all a frame that I had received from my mother.  It was left over from the 1980’s and looked it.  I added a little blue […]


Painted Kitchen Bench

Painted Bench

I love a good painted kitchen bench.  Don’t you?  It is such an inviting place for Mr. Right or a guest to sit while I’m cooking.  We can catch up on the latest gossip world news while they are comfy and at ease.  Before writing this post, I counted up on my fingers how many […]

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