Updating Estate Sale Art

Updated estate sale art - The 2 Seasons

Hello, everyone.  We mentioned in this post a few weeks ago that we spent some time in DC with our son and daughter-in-law, Josie.  She has great taste and is making their home a cozy and inviting spot.  She loves a good estate sale, and we happened to find one on the Saturday afternoon when […]


How To Improve Curb Appeal

Improved curb appeal by painting steps - The 2 Seasons

We love it when we hear from you through comments and emails.  After all, it would be pointless to write this blog if we didn’t have loyal readers who visit us every day and enjoy what they see.  Recently, we received an email from Mary who enjoyed this blog post so much that she decided […]


How to Change the Look of a Tray

Tray updated with scrapbook paper - The 2 Seasons

I sort of have a thing for trays.  I am especially fond of the butler tray style.  It seems as if the boxy style lends itself to many uses.  One of the things I like most about a tray is that it is easy to change the look without a lot of effort.  It is […]


Converting a Hutch to a Buffet – A Revisit

Custom lamp shades - The 2 Seasons

Mom and I had a wonderful week-end together, and we are easing back into our blog.  I have to admit that turning off the computers and phones was so liberating and relaxing.  We did manage to add a photo to our instagram account now and then (you can sign up to follow us here,) but […]


A Tour of Our Guest Room

Jordan's guest room - The 2 Seasons

I had time to get this post together during nap time thanks to Mom taking the photos last week.  I realized after typing the headline that the word tour might make our guest room sound grander than it is.  The guest room is the smallest bedroom in the house, and we put it together with […]


An Update to the Basement Steps

Basement steps - after - The 2 Seasons

As of this week, we have lived in our townhouse for five years.  And what a fast five years they have been.  Can life slow down, please?  Just a little?  We have thoroughly enjoyed our down-sized life and haven’t looked back with regret even once.  Of all the rooms in our place, though, the basement […]


Custom Lamp Shades Add Pizazz to DIY Lamps

Custom lamp shades - The 2 Seasons

When our blog was just a baby, we were new townhouse owners.  One of my early projects was a pair of lamps I made from demi-johns that I purchased on ebay.  It was easy to use two simple lamp kits to make lamps, and  I used them on the side board in our great room […]


My Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Painted kitchen cabinets - The 2 Seasons

After we painted the cabinets in our last kitchen, I vowed I would never paint cabinets again.  Well, never say never, and that old saying about pain has no memory is true.  Recently Mom came to visit just so we could tackle the cabinets in our Charlotte kitchen.  While we were painting this time, it […]


Simple Update for a Lamp


It seems as if we have lights on the brain this week.  We have a navy blue lamp that has been a part of our household for many years.  I bought it on a trip to Florida and actually carried it home on an airplane.  The shade it has been wearing recently was looking a […]


New Light in the Dining Room

Dining room light - The 2 Seasons

My dining room is slowly coming together.  You would think that this room would not be on the top of the list to finish, but since we use it almost every day, I am concentrating on finishing it first.  Our kitchen is awesome, and we have a great breakfast bar, but since we do not […]

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