Bar Revisited

Changing Table turned Bar

Hi everyone.  It’s so good to be back in the blogging mode.  I want to thank my mom who has been running this show solo for the past two weeks or so.  Since it’s the beginning of June, we want to revisit one of our most popular blog posts ever.  I did this project last […]


Adding Real Estate to the Courtyard

Courtyard before

When we first moved into our home, there was a pesky tree in our courtyard.  It was planted near our sunroom and added much-welcomed shade over the class ceiling/roof.  However, I called that tree pesky for a reason.  It was shedding something almost every month of the year – at least every month that we […]


How to Refresh Your Towels

Use Vinegar to renew towels

My towels have not been as soft and plush as they once were, and I wasn’t quite ready to buy new ones.  I learned a little tip I thought I would share.  Beware!  It does include vinegar (which I am not a fan of), but I know the results are amazing.


Updates in Our Office, Part 2

Built in Billy Bookcase

Welcome back everyone to our home office project.  You can see part one here.  Just as background, I want to remind you that we purchased Billy bookshelves from Ikea and customized them into built-in office shelves.     Here they are, and I love them.  It is amazing how the adding the trim and molding […]


Painting a Fabric Bench

Painted fabric on bench

When I was new to this world of blogging, I had also just moved into our townhouse.  We worked with the furniture that we had, but I wanted to update the dining room table that had become part of the great room.  (I am now on the look-out for an old and worn dining table).  […]


New Updates in Our Office, Part 1

Office Progress

What a great week-end!   Mr. Spring and I were busy getting in touch with our wild side (more details on that later).  Mom and Dad enjoyed their empty nest by spending the Easter week-end on a bicycling trip.  Hope you all had a good one.   Well, our office is finally finished.  Yes, it […]


Great Votive Candle Storage

Candles 2

Jordan and I had fun being interviewed by WBCL in Fort Wayne, IN yesterday.  We weren’t together, though.  She was at a conference for work, and I was in my office here in Kentucky.  You can listen to it here. (Download it and go to minute 22). ***** I figured out a great place to store […]


No More Soggy Bottoms!!

Tissue box

Hey there!  We have a little hint for you today that is so very simple yet so practical.  You will wonder to yourselves, “Why didn’t I think of that”?  


Upcycled Rug, Revisited


   Since it’s our first post of the month, we wanted to revisit the overhaul Jordan did on a rug that gets a lot of use in her home.  It was a popular post, and we hope you enjoy seeing it again.  The good news is that it is holding up and still looks great. […]


A Return to Oil Cloth

Oil cloth

Oil cloth is definitely a nostalgic nod to the past.  My grandmother used oil cloth on her kitchen table.   She liked the way it was so easy to clean up.  She also had it on the table in her laundry house.  Today lots of reusable shopping bags are made from oil cloth in fun colors, […]

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