An Update to the Basement Steps

Basement steps - after - The 2 Seasons

As of this week, we have lived in our townhouse for five years.  And what a fast five years they have been.  Can life slow down, please?  Just a little?  We have thoroughly enjoyed our down-sized life and haven’t looked back with regret even once.  Of all the rooms in our place, though, the basement […]


Custom Lamp Shades Add Pizazz to DIY Lamps

Custom lamp shades - The 2 Seasons

When our blog was just a baby, we were new townhouse owners.  One of my early projects was a pair of lamps I made from demi-johns that I purchased on ebay.  It was easy to use two simple lamp kits to make lamps, and  I used them on the side board in our great room […]


My Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Painted kitchen cabinets - The 2 Seasons

After we painted the cabinets in our last kitchen, I vowed I would never paint cabinets again.  Well, never say never, and that old saying about pain has no memory is true.  Recently Mom came to visit just so we could tackle the cabinets in our Charlotte kitchen.  While we were painting this time, it […]


Simple Update for a Lamp


It seems as if we have lights on the brain this week.  We have a navy blue lamp that has been a part of our household for many years.  I bought it on a trip to Florida and actually carried it home on an airplane.  The shade it has been wearing recently was looking a […]


New Light in the Dining Room

Dining room light

My dining room is slowly coming together.  You would think that this room would not be on the top of the list to finish, but since we use it almost every day, I am concentrating on finishing it first.  Our kitchen is awesome, and we have a great breakfast bar, but since we do not […]


Paint Adds Life to a Tired Dresser

Napoleonic blue night stand with limed wax - The 2 Seasons

Don’t you feel so much better when you buy a new shade of lipstick or add a colorful scarf to an old outfit?  Small changes like that put a little extra spring in my step for sure.  We had a night stand from our condo in Toronto that we’ve been using in our guest room. […]


Adding a Pantry to a Laundry Room

Laundry Closet turned Pantry

When we moved into our house, we knew we would have to get creative with our storage.  We loved everything about it except the fact that it doesn’t have a basement.  (In fact, not one of the houses we looked at here in Charlotte had a basement.  We’re not sure what that’s all about.)  Not […]


New Paint Color in the Foyer

Cotton Grey paint in upstairs hallway - The 2 Seasons

After spending time helping Jordan paint her new house with a lovely color called Cotton Grey, I decided to freshen up our foyer with the same color.  Cotton Grey is a Behr color, but I had mine mixed by Sherwin Williams. While everyone else in the world was putting out Christmas decorations in December, I […]


Plates Brighten the Great Room Wall

Blue plates add color to a neutral wall - The 2 Seasons

Before Christmas I showed you a photo of the new lamps I purchased for the sideboard in our great room.  After looking at the photos I thought I might need to add some color to the wall and didn’t know if I should paint the lampshades or add some plates to the wall.  I asked […]


My New Dining Room

Dining room wall

Janette here…..Jordan doesn’t know it, but I high-jacked her blog post to let you all know that today is her birthday.  As we await the arrival of “Little Miss”, I wanted to share a picture of Jordan at about the same age.  I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to my partner in crime […]

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