How to Update A Garage Door

Updating a Garage Door

With just a little effort, it is easy to update a garage door. When we moved into our house, I was a little hesitant about having a detached garage.  After living with it now for almost four years, I now do not think I would go to an attached version.  Yes, on all of those snowy […]


Updating a Picture Frame

Updated frame - The 2 Seasons

It is so easy to update a picture frame with some paint, tinted wax and sandpaper.  I know this because I recently did it myself.  Last year I showed you all a frame that I had received from my mother.  It was left over from the 1980’s and looked it.  I added a little blue […]


Painted Kitchen Bench

Painted Bench

I love a good painted kitchen bench.  Don’t you?  It is such an inviting place for Mr. Right or a guest to sit while I’m cooking.  We can catch up on the latest gossip world news while they are comfy and at ease.  Before writing this post, I counted up on my fingers how many […]


New Look for a Mailbox


Nothing stops the mail  from being delivered. Since our mail lady is out there in all types of weather, I thought it was time to give  her  a pleasant mailbox experience when coming up to our house.  In the neighborhood where I live, the mail lady goes door to door by foot to deliver the […]


Another Curb Appeal Improvement

House after - The 2 Seasons

When we moved into our 1928 bungalow three years ago, it needed a new roof, a new paint job, shutters, and major landscaping.  Little by little, we have gotten all of those items checked off of our to-do list.  However, one eye-sore remains, and getting it done will be costly.  Our front steps and mini-porch […]


Comfort Wins Out in the Kitchen


Hi everyone!  While you are reading this, I could be on my way to Jordan’s for my week-long visit.   Perhaps I am waiting in an airport lounge or maybe I have already landed.  Whatever stage of travel I am in, you all know the two of us will have the best time.  As soon as […]


Showing Some Love to Our Adirondack Chair

Adirondack Chair

We live close to the Adirondacks and spend many summer weekends there, so we decided it would be nice to have our own Adirondack chair.  Last year Mr. Spring started sawing pieces of wood and made one for our backyard.  It is amazing that these chairs are actually comfortable.  Once the chair was made, we […]


My Beadboard Wallpaper


I swore (actually I double swore) that I would never add another speck of wallpaper to any wall in any home that I owned.  Well, I lied.  I just finished a little wallpaper project in my pantry/office that has made a huge impact on the way it looks.  Unfortunately, the photos are only so-so.  You’ll […]


A New Look for Old Wicker

Updating Wicker Chair

When I was pregnant with our son Cory (his music blog is here), I bought an old wicker rocker at an estate auction for $20.00.  It was in such poor condition that my husband was embarrassed to carry it to the car.  I was a high school teacher at the time, and the boys in […]


Ikea Dresser Hack

Ikea Dresser Hack

Happy Tuesday, everyone.  Thank goodness summer is finally here so I can get back in the garage and paint some furniture that needs some TLC.

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