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Key Lime Pie in a Jar

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Editor’s note – Jordan asked me to thank all of you for your kind comments about her latest adoption update.  She has been under the weather this week and unable to respond. We still have enough picnic weather remaining this summer that you can go on a spur of the moment outing.  Pack a lunch, […]

Great Tailgating Recipes

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Great tailgating recipes is the topic of today’s blog post. Are you ready for some football?  I sure am…..At least I am ready for everything that goes with it.  I love the fall weather, walking to the stadium from our house on a beautiful fall day, the comradery of cheering on your favorite team with […]

Tuesday Thoughts

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Happy Tuesday everyone! Before I get started with this post I have to look back at this day eight years ago.  Eight years ago I married the love of my life, and we have had a great adventure.  Our life is not dull, and we truly have a wonderful time in each other’s company.  I […]


Shelf after - Projects

Enjoy some of our projects.                                                                                                     […]


Breakfast Grit Cakes - The 2 Seasons

Enjoy these tasty treats.