My Trip to Luckett’s Store

Luckett’s Store is the topic of today’s blog post.


Hello, everyone.  Welcome to September.  Little Miss started Pre-K yesterday and will be going to school five mornings a week.  If you follow us on Instagram, (please do) then you saw her adorable photo in her cute pink boots.  I could just cry when I see how fast these grandchildren are growing.  I know that I am not alone in that, but it’s what life is all about.

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When I first started reading blogs years ago, some of the writers talked about going to Luckett’s.  What was that, I wondered.  After a while, I decided to look into it (thanks, Google) and found out it’s a store with antiques and reproductions in Leesburg, VA.

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They have one, maybe two, big sales a year with vendors who specialize in painted furniture, trendy looks like farmhouse, antiques, reproductions, etc.  Miss Mustard Seed used to be a vendor at those big sales.  However, they are opened every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  One day I discovered that Luckett’s store is just 55 miles from where my parents live.  Imagine that!!!  When I visited my parents a few weeks ago, I took a morning trip to Luckett’s to see what it is all about in person.

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First of all, Luckett’s store is located on a the corner of a four-way stop in the countryside outside of Leesburg.  So, it isn’t in the city proper.  It is a huge old building with three floors, and each floor is packed practically to the ceiling.  Now, don’t get me wrong.

Lucketts 5 768x1024 - My Trip to Luckett's Store

There were definitely organized displays and beautiful items for sale.  Some were very reasonably priced, and some were more than I thought they should sell for.  There were traditional, mid-century, and contemporary items.

Lucketts 7 768x1024 - My Trip to Luckett's Store

There was furniture, some new and some old that had been updated by paint or upholstery.  There were signs, dishes, door knobs, maps, posters, mirrors, books, lighting, candles, old shutters, taxidermy, doors, plants, and more.  Some appeared to be sold by the store’s owners, and others appeared to be booths like in an antique mall.

Lucketts 6 768x1024 - My Trip to Luckett's Store

Unfortunately for me, I get overwhelmed when shopping in overcrowded surroundings.  There were too many things that I loved, and too many decisions to make.  I don’t like making impulse buys, so I stuck with what I knew would work in our home.  That means I bought one thing…….a small demijohn to be added to what looks like a collection.  I have six now in all sizes.  Does that make a collection?

Lucketts 9 768x1024 - My Trip to Luckett's Store

I am glad that I spent that morning at Luckett’s store.  The drive there was absolutely beautiful.  Do I recommend it?  Yes, but don’t drive across the country to go there.  If you are near Leesburg, VA, then it is worth your time to arrange to stop in.

Thank you so much for stopping in.  We appreciate each of you.

Take care.


  1. Laura says

    I will probably never be near Leesburg, so I won’t be able to tour the store. But it sounds like a fun, overwhelming way to spend half a day. And spend some money! Looks like a jam-packed wonderland! Just looking at your pictures I saw loads of cool stuff. Thanks for the mini tour!

  2. says

    I have a cousin who lives in Leesburg and we met up one weekend when they were having an outdoor sale (not the annual big bash) at Lucketts. Quite honestly, I was underwhelmed. I know Marian was probably the biggest draw for Lucketts, but she wasn’t there at the time. My cousin has space in New Oxford, PA at Golden Lane Antiques.

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