How to Have Gorgeous Eyebrows

We are devoting the next three days to self care.  We hope you enjoy this little series.


We are the first to admit that this certainly is not a fashion, style, or make-up blog.  However, when we find a good product that can make us all look better, we want to share.  We did it with this skin care post touting about our favorite Arbonne skin products; we did it with this mascara post, and with this lipstick post.  These are not sponsored posts.  We are just sharing what we love.

Well, today we are all about the  eyebrows.  Eyebrows are having a moment right now.  The current look is to have lush, full eyebrows. Do you remember a few years ago when people were thinning their eyebrows out to pencil thin proportions?  I thought that was such a dumb move.  First off, brows are there to soften our faces, and thin eyebrows do just the opposite.  They are aging and give a harsh, almost mad, appearance to a beautiful face.  Also, tweezed eyebrows don’t always grow back. I am so glad that trend has left the station.

IMG 4697 e1565723437993 768x1024 - How to Have Gorgeous Eyebrows

(My right brow filled in and the left brow is natural.)

Thank goodness, we did not thin our brows.  Jordan has a great set of brows and often gets compliments on them.  As I am aging, I have noticed that my brows are naturally thinning, and I don’t like it one bit.  I was listening to the radio while driving home from Jordan’s one day (it’s a seven hour drive), and Hoda Kotb was talking about her favorite brow product.  I ordered it as soon as I got home, and let it sit in my makeup drawer for months.  You can buy it here.  I had read that we older ladies should let our brows just naturally thin, and so, that’s what I did.  But still……I didn’t like it.  Then I noticed that women my age were enhancing their brows with expensive techniques.  I was a little too chicken to try that, but I did have Hoda’s brow product in my makeup drawer.

IMG 4708 e1565723526692 768x1024 - How to Have Gorgeous Eyebrows

I pulled out my Wunderbrow and actually practiced with it for a while.  I finally figured it out, and it is now part of my daily makeup routine. Its results are much better than using a brow pencil which I had been using.   Wunderbrow is a subtle improvement.  My favorite part about this Wunderbrow is that it does not sweat off.  That means that I can wear it when exercising or bicycling, and it will stay on.  It wouldn’t look so great to have brown strips of eyebrow product running down my face.  Plus, the results are so natural looking.

Now, if you are an older gal like me, just be careful to select the right color for your hair color and do not over do it. (There are five colors available, and I use brunette.)  Those two things will give your face a harsh look.  Practice with it and come up with a look you like.

We hope this tip helps.

Take care.

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Take care.


  1. Beth says

    Oh yes, I agree 100% about thinning brows. I used a great product from Benifit, until recently when I was given a great eyebrow styler by Charlotte Tilbury. Eyebrows frame the face and for someone fair skinned, brow work is essential.
    I am thrilled with the new results.

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