A Recap of Our Summer Activities

I can’t believe it is August.  Time sure flies when you are having fun, or it sure flies when you are busy getting your son to feel safe, loved, and adjusted to his new life!  We have not been doing much in terms of DIY this summer, so I thought I would share a recap of our summer activities with you.

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Walks, walks and more walks. We LOVE our neighborhood so much, and the thing that really drew us not only to the charm of the houses was the great walkability.  We walk to the park, library, grocery store, and our favorite local bakery.

IMG 5349 e1565524231875 768x1024 - A Recap of Our Summer ActivitiesLittle Miss has been a champ on the bike so she likes to bike while I push Google in the stroller. She thinks it is so fun.  She is faster than we are and loves to ring her bell every chance she gets.  (Side note:   She has been on a pedal bike since she was 3.5 years old.  We skipped the training wheels stage.  When I lived in Hawaii, my job through the school system was to teach biking and bike safety to children, so I am here to tell you to start with a balance bike.  Then go straight to a pedal bike.  You will be shocked at how much earlier children can ride bikes.)


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Pools, splash pads, and anything dealing with water outside have been big activities.  Charlotte has been so hot this summer, which is no surprise.  While we do try to do the pool, Google is still getting used to the whole pool thing.  Whereas, Little Miss is basically a mermaid and wants to be in the pool all the time.  A good compromise has been splash pads.  They have some great options in Charlotte, and Google can get his feet kinda wet while Little Miss is all in.  It is fun to see how far she has come because her first summer home, the pool was not fun for her either.  Over time she has begun to love water.

Summer Activities 3 - A Recap of Our Summer Activities

We have also been exploring the nature Charlotte has to offer.  We have a great Greenway system that is fun for all of us.  We can be beside creeks and ducks, and then look up and see the skyline.  In the morning before it gets too hot, we have had fun exploring.

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Little Miss has been playing photographer this summer, and she likes to bring her camera along.  It is fun watching her with her camera as she finds something beautiful. Then she takes a picture.  Something to remember….. we really must stop and smell the roses in our life.

plane - A Recap of Our Summer Activities

We have waited until just about now to really explore our museums.  Sometimes they get a little busy and crazy in the summer, and it can be too much for Google.  When Little Miss was staying with my parents for their camp week, I did take him to the aviation museum in Charlotte.  This boy loves airplanes, and they had the plane from the Miracle on the Hudson.  Oh my, he loved all the planes, and I really enjoyed reading all about the experience.  It really was a miracle that everyone survived.

Summer Activities 5 - A Recap of Our Summer Activities

This school year Little Miss starts Pre-K, which means a half-day of school Monday through Friday.  Last year was her first year in Preschool, and we did three days.  So, this is another big leap for me.  She will do great and will thrive and is so excited for Pre-K.  I am going to miss my girl, so this summer we have been trying to carve out some one on one special time.  I can’t brag enough about how amazing she is as a big sister and how patient she has been during the process to meet her brother and get him settled.  She doesn’t complain, and she is a helper.  She still talks about having a girls’ spa day to get her nails done when we were in Kentucky for the July 4th holiday.

Summer activities 2 - A Recap of Our Summer Activities

Another place we both love to go to is the amusement parks, so now and then she and I will leave as soon as Charles gets home from work.   It gives the girls special one on one time together, and the boys get their special time together, too.  She gets to stay up a little later past bedtime to ride the rides.  She talks about all the things while we wait in line, and I love it.  She wanted to take my photo with the roller coaster in the background, so this photo credit goes to Little Miss.

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I couldn’t imagine doing our summer activities without a Baggalini purse by my side.  I have been using the Take Two Bryant crossbody all summer because it is large enough to hold my phone, camera, bank card, lipstick, and keys, yet it is small enough to not get in the way.

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The Take Two Bryant crossbody has been my go-to when I do get a chance to have a ladies night out.  It holds just what I need.

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Another bonus for this bag is that I can take off the straps and use it as a wallet when I need to carry a larger purse.  It keeps things organized in a big way!

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While we have had fun out and about it also seems the little things seem to be entertaining as well!!


This post was sponsored by Baggallini but all opinions are our own.


  1. Kathleen Healey says

    Looks like a fun summer! Good luck to Little Miss in preschool. You/they are so fortunate to have a stay at home parent. That’s a rarity these days. Hugs to all!

  2. kG says

    Missing Little Miss… Knowing her, it doesn’t surprised me gown she will naturally take care of her younger brother! 🙂

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