Fun Youtube Channels to Watch and Learn From

Oh dear…..I have been spending time on Youtube.  Since we have been reading and watching everything we can get our hands on in preparation for our upcoming El Camino de Santiago trek, we have discovered a wealth of information about the journey on Youtube. We have learned packing tips, training tips, mistakes to avoid, what the typical Camino day is like, and more. Since learning about Youtube years ago, thanks to Jordan, I have used it mostly as a reference and/or trouble shooter.  It’s a great place to go when I need an answer to a computer question, a phone question, how to unplug a drain, etc.  However, lately I have learned it is also a great place to find entertainment along with information.  Ironically, the channels that I have enjoyed really have nothing in common with me, and that’s why I like them.  They are exposing me to lifestyles entirely different from mine, and fashions I might not wear.  However, at the same time, I am learning a lot.  The only television I watch is the evening news and some Bravo shows, so having these diversions has been great.  I can sit down in the evening with a cup of tea, watch a 20 or 30 minute vlog and be completely satisfied.  I am not going to subscribe because I don’t want that commitment, but I do look them up.  Some upload weekly, some twice weekly, and others just ocassionally.  I want to share some fun Youtube channels, that I have discovered, with you in case you want to add a little interest to your day.  The links will take you to their pages.


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Karen is a vivacious and knowledgeable fashionista from Britain, but she lives in New York City with her husband Michael.  She loves fashion but really mixes it up.  She would wear a long sequined dress with a tee shirt under it and topped with a man’s blazer.  Her shoes would be cowboy boots, and her purse would be a designer bag that cost thousands of dollars.  She is loaded with personality and good information.  I love watching how she throws together very unconventional outfits and wears them with great elan.  She gives advice on shopping in consignment and thrift stores along with high end shops, and she takes her camera to the streets of NYC to document what the real people are wearing.

Parisienne Farmhouse

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The vlog is about Angela, her husband, their six children, and the 1980’s house they bought in Door County, Wisconsin.  They are changing their home and its acreage into a French style country farmhouse and gardens.  She is a workhorse, and I love watching the progress they are making on their home.  She bakes everything from scratch, which I love, and homeschools the kids.  I think she has more hours in her day than the rest of us.  She has an old soul and loves old things.  I have learned a lot from her, have purchased her cook book (available here,) and enjoy her creativity.

Beth’s Garden

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Beth’s Garden is a very professional looking vlog.  She and her family also live in California, and they purchased a ho-hum house with a large lot and made their yard into a beautifully and meticulously planned French style garden.  I have gotten some great inspiration from her for a few courtyard projects for next summer.  She also has an Entertaining with Beth vlog with great recipes (tons of them) and entertaining advice. This channel has a lot more subscribers and info, so I highly recommend it as well.   I have used a few of her recipes, and they were all delicious.  I’ll be sharing one with you soon.

Nikol Johnson

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Nikol is an makeup artist for the (ahem) mature woman.  She lives in Florida and offers great advice on how to do make up if you are not longer a spring chicken in your 20’s.  I think she is gorgeous, and I like her personality, too.  She has demonstrations on makeup applications, and her models are real people like her mom, her aunt, her friend.  I have learned lots from her, too.

Busbee Style

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Busbee Style is a cute blond who lives in Colorado.  She is loaded, and I mean loaded with style information.  She releases vlogs twice a week, has a huge following, and will help with clothes styles, shoes, hair, makeup, diet, etc.  If it has anything to do with how you look, how you eat, how you feel, and more, she has it.  I just discovered Busbee Style a few weeks ago, and cannot believe how much information she has on her channel.  If you have time for just one channel, then this is probably the one with the most universal appeal as far as style and tastes go.


So, there you go.  Have fun with this.  If you have any Youtube suggestions for us, let me know.


Take care.

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  1. N says

    I adore Karenbritchick! I always feel much more inspired by my clothing after watching one of her videos. I also really like Busbee Style. Glad to have a few other channels to check out now, too. Thanks!

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