Adoption Update – Two Months Home-Google

This post should be more like 2.5 months home, but I wanted to go ahead and let y’all know how things are going.  I know I have said it before, but Google is the perfect addition to our family.  Little Miss tells me daily how fun it is to have a little brother and when those two are laughing and playing, my heart melts.

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(In awe as his sister learned to fly a kite.)

Google was doing really well at home, so we decided we would be able to take the trip to Kentucky for the 4th of July holiday, and then we did another trip shortly after.  In Kentucky, he slowly opened up to my parents.  It is still important in terms of attachment that Charles and I meet all of his needs right now. So, while he could play with the grandparents, they couldn’t get all the cuddling in that they are wanting to do right now.  He needs to continue to know we are his parents, and he is safe with us.  We don’t want to add confusion to his world that was rocked.  My mom had lots of fun things planned, and Google loved seeing real horses.  Little Miss has play horses, but I think he was shocked when he realized they were real.  When he came home after Kentucky, he ran in the house and the first thing he grabbed was a horse and kept saying, “Neigh.”

Google  1024x870 - Adoption Update  - Two Months Home-Google

(Playing with all the Prime day boxes.  You can see his little hands poking out.)

He is getting more comfortable with the pool and water.  We still have bath times where he likes to squat and not sit, but we are making progress.  It took weeks before he even sat down in the bath the first time.  He does not like getting his hair washed at all.  In the pool, he has started to wear goggles which helps when his sister splashes him by mistake.

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(Waiting in line for the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls)

Google could be outside all day long no matter what the weather.  This makes sense as he spent a lot of his first two years of life outdoors in a setting that did not have heat or air conditioning.  In Thailand when we visited his foster mother Mae, it was 114 degrees, and we all were dying.  Google was in jeans and not sweating.

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(In awe watching the Astronauts)

Going to the playground is a big afternoon activity for us.  I am a huge believer in outdoor play, getting dirty and exploring.  Google is adventurous on the playground.  The big slides and ladders do not phase him.  He climbs right up, flies down, and does it all over again.  He has done slides way more than Little Miss has in her three years home!

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We also had the opportunity to go to Rochester, NY where we attended a Thai family reunion.  Thai adoptee families get together every two years for a weekend, and it is so special.  The big kids take in the little kids, and the parents have a safe place to talk.  Little Miss has made friends from the first year we went when she came home, and we know their friendships will continue to grow.  While in New York, we decided to make some rounds visiting family and friends.  We spent some time on the beach in New Hampshire with Charles’ godparents, and Google loved the sand.  We spent some time at a beach in Thailand, and he enjoyed the sand and playing, but this time he really got into it.  He thought it was so funny when we would bury Little Misses legs.

IMG 5299 e1564853963132 768x1024 - Adoption Update  - Two Months Home-Google

His language in the last week is really starting to take off.  He understands what we say without a doubt.  Now he is starting to repeat words we say.  He is quiet, but slowly his confidence is building, and he is speaking up.  The other day I was in the kitchen, and he ran out from the playroom holding a play hot dog.  Boy did he say “hot dog” so loud and clear.  He still says chang for elephant, just like his sister did.   Anytime he sees a picture of an elephant, he says, “chang.”  It is much easier to say than elephant.  He has a good appetite and is gaining weight and looking healthier that when we first met him.

Google continues to be Gracie’s biggest fan, and he is a dog lover.  We were visiting friends who had three dogs and big dogs.  He basically wanted to leap out of my arms to see the dogs.

At times we will still have some moments of grief and anger, but overall, I am so shocked and happy with how well he is adjusting.  It is a long road, and we can’t rush the process, but we can tell he feels more at ease and comfortable.

Thank you all so much for asking about him and caring about his progress.  It means the world to us.




  1. Donnamae says

    Thanks for keeping us informed through your journal. I am happy things are going well for you and Google! 😉

  2. Patricia says

    Lovely to read – so happy fro Google and his wonderful family ! I chuckled when I read how Google has no fear of climbing on the playground – one of the many differences between some boys and girls ! I always said I would raise my boys and girls exactly the same, and I do, but there are some innate differences you cant help but notice !

  3. Kate L says

    Thanks for this update, Jordan! Glad Google is adapting to life in a new culture and with his new family! I’m sure Little Miss is a wonderful big sister and that they will be good buddies forever. Keep enjoying your family!!

  4. Georgian Arbuckle says

    I have enjoyed your blog for several years and feel that I’ve been right along with you during both adoptions. Such a long process but so worth the effort! You are amazing parents and have such a loving and supportive family! So happy for all of you!! I was wondering, when you went to Thailand for Google, if Little Miss was able to reunite with her Thai caregiver and how that went. Thanks so much!!

    • says

      I still need to finish my post on our trip to Thailand. Coming soon one of these days . Yes, we did get to visit with Little Misses foster family and it was so so special. ❤️

  5. jan says

    How absolutely wonderful for all of you! Google is such a blessed young boy to have a sister and great parents! A beautiful FOREVER deal!!

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