New Dresser in Guest Room 2

I recently purchased a dresser for the second floor guest room in our house so that anyone spending a night or more would have drawers for their belongings.  We had shelves installed in the closet when we had all of our closets designed last year, but drawers are always a nice bonus.  They provide space for socks, undies, pajamas, etc. which is so much nicer than living out of a suitcase for days at a time.

Guest room dresser2 768x1024 - New Dresser in Guest Room 2

When I added the dresser last month, Jordan said that the third floor guest bedroom could also use a dresser.  Jordan and Charles sleep in that room when they visit because it is across the hall from the dorm, where the grandkids sleep.  (Adult supervision is always nice when there are three toddlers under age four.) The antique sugar chest that I was using as a night stand  in that guest room did not provide any storage.  So, I started doing dresser research again, and I found a pink dresser at my favorite consignment shop, Room Service.  I have found so many jewels there and have been happy with every single purchase.  To see the dresser I bought for the second floor guest room, go here.

IMG 4690 e1563122391733 768x1024 - New Dresser in Guest Room 2

However, I knew that a pink dresser would never work in that room, but it was a solid piece from a reputable furniture company.  The drawers were clean and worked smoothly.  Painting it black and adding new pulls would give it the look I was going for.  The headboard in that room is  black wrought iron, and the other night stand is a French-style round black table.  The headboard is on major sale right now.  You can find it here.

Guest room dresser 3 768x1024 - New Dresser in Guest Room 2

As you can see in the photo, two of the pulls originally were placed in the middle of the top drawer, and they looked weird.  I knew that I could remove them and cover the small screw holes with tiny wooden medallions.  I found them at Hobby Lobby and painted them.  The paint is Blackout in an egg shell finish by Behr.  I didn’t want to use chalk paint.

Guest room dresser 4 768x1024 - New Dresser in Guest Room 2

The dresser had some imperfections from previous use, so, I decided to bang it up some and sand off some of the black paint.  The distressed look added character to it.  Evidently the dresser was green once upon a time because some green came through when I was sanding.  I am fine with that because like I said…..character.

Guest room dresser 5 768x1024 - New Dresser in Guest Room 2

I found the pulls at Hobby Lobby when they were 40 per cent off.  They are big and bold and have kind of a French look to them, They really look great on the black background.  The dresser doesn’t look anything like it did when we brought it home.

Guest room dresser 6 768x1024 - New Dresser in Guest Room 2

I took the process one step farther and added black and white checked drawer liner.  It is actually thick wrapping paper that adds some pizazz to the inside as well.

Guest room dresser 7 768x1024 - New Dresser in Guest Room 2

Of course, fresh flowers always make anything look better.  These are a hostess gift from my daughter-in-law, son, and granddaughter.

Guest room dresser 8 1024x768 - New Dresser in Guest Room 2

Jordan and Charles loved having a dresser in their room when they were here last week, and I am so happy that I was able to accommodate their needs.  To learn how I made the bed skirt using dental floss, go here.

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