How to Fix Warped Art


Townhouse Dining Room 6 683x1024 - How to Fix Warped Art

Hey, everyone.  If any of your art is warped, we have a great solution for you today.   Last year I took a large piece of art to be framed, and and learned that the wooden pieces that the canvas was attached to were warped.  I thought nothing of it and just decided to prop the painting against the wall and ignore the problem.  You can’t even tell from the photo that this abstract art isn’t perfectly straight.

Dining room - The 2 Seasons

Then I bought an expensive and old piece of art last March, and its frame was warped, too.  I decided to take it to my favorite framing shop (The Great Frame Up), and I asked if there was a solution.  Lucky for me, there was.  He was able to remove the canvas from its stretcher bars.  Then he built new and straight stretcher bars and reattached the canvas to them.  Now the painting is just like new.  Mind you, at $170., this was not a cheap fix.  However, since the art was pricey, it was worth it to have a it fixed properly.  I hope this little trick helps any of you who have a similar dilemma.

By the way, the post about our visit to the Kentucky Castle will be coming in a few weeks.  There was an unexpected delay.

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