Adoption Update One Month Home- Google

Hi everyone. Well, I think I will be writing this post in multiple sittings. So, hopefully I won’t be all over the place.  Or maybe I will. That seems like how current life is right now. Google has been home for one month, and I can’t believe it.  I remember when writing the updates for Little Miss, the months seemed to fly by.

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(This was the first day we met.)

I will start by saying it feels amazing to have my family complete.  I feel so at ease and happy when I think I have a wonderful husband and my two children.  At times I do have to pinch myself because all feels right in the world.  It was and still is (the adoption won’t be finalized for at least a year) a long, long road to make our family official, but I wouldn’t change anything.  I was so nervous about adding another child to the mix. We had such a good thing and routine with Little Miss.  I can say we didn’t miss a beat.  Google takes his place right in our family, and it is hard to remember when it was just the three of us.  He is the perfect addition, and we love being a family of four.

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(In our hotel room in Bangkok)

Overall, we are doing pretty well, but we have had some setbacks along the way. He is attaching to both Charles and me, which is awesome.  We still have a lot of work in the attachment department, but it is nice to know he feels comfortable with both of us.  Some days we have one step forward and two steps back.  Google’s personality is starting to come out when we are home, but the moment we leave, he becomes quiet and very observant.  This makes sense, and it is nice we are starting to see parts of his personality.  He is still very sad.  To this day he will still call for his foster mom.  I can tell he is just sad and misses her and his community.  During the days in Thailand, he was laughing and smiling, and then at night he covered his face and cried.  It is very hard to see your child so sad, and at times he wouldn’t want us to comfort him.  We are now making progress in that department. He is letting us console him now, but there were days when he tried to get in a corner and cry and be away from us.  He had two years of his life with his foster family, and in one day, his world was rocked.

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He LOVES all things construction and cars.  When we first came home, we gave him a tour of the house.  I was holding him, and we had a truck waiting for him in his room.  He almost flew out of my arms to play with the big dump truck.  He will just look at pictures of construction equipment.  Right now he thinks everything is a dump truck!

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We were nervous about how Google would react to Gracie when we came home.  We showed him pictures and videos, and he just thinks Gracie is the funniest thing.  He laughs when Gracie is running; he cheers her on when she catches a frisbee; and he has been known to spoon feed her when I am not looking.  Gracie is just as obsessed with Google due to all the new food that has been dropped.

IMG 4856 768x1024 - Adoption Update One Month Home- Google

Little Miss loves being a big sister.  Of course, they have their moments and need some space, but she keeps telling me how happy she is to have him home and to play with him.  She loves to “read” books to him.  They like to play hide and seek and just run around in circles with Gracie.  He is learning new words every day and can understand a lot that we tell him.  We have also taught him some sign language to help in the communication area.

There we are –  one month home as a family, and boy, does it feel good.  Next up on the adoption front:  we have three social worker visits at the two month, four month, and six month mark.  We will wait on more paperwork from Thailand, and then we’ll file it all in North Carolina to finalize the adoption.  This will take about another year.  After we finalize, we will do some more paperwork. Then we get the green light to go to the Thai Embassy and finish things up with Thailand.  It is still worth it all every bit of it.

This weekend we are traveling to Kentucky for the July 4th holiday.  He will finally get to meet my mom and dad.  We talk to them daily on FaceTime and Skype, but this will be their first face to face.  Mom can’t wait to get her hands on him.  We will spend the week with them, and my brother’s family will be there, too.  So, he will get to meet his cousin who is 18 months old.  I warned Mom that her place will be crazy, but she is ready for it.



  1. Kate L says

    Thanks for this awesome post, Jordan! Congrats on your expanded family and best wishes for years to come! Have fun in Lexington — and if you go to the 3rd of July concert at Transylvania, wave at me (I’ll be singing with The Lex Singers and Army Band)!!

  2. says

    Congratulations on your new addition! I am a fairly new reader to your blog and so happy for you. Best wishes as you continue to settle in as a family of four.

  3. Bonnie says

    So happy for you and your family. I’m sure every day will get a little easier, as your little boy settles into his new home with a loving sister, mom and dad!

  4. Gail says

    You are so wise and understanding about your son’s transitioning to his new family. It really touches my heart. I followed your previous adoption, so of course, I know you have lots of experience. You are a very dedicated Mom. Best wishes for your sweet family.

  5. KittyLuvr says

    This post just warmed my heart! So happy for your complete family! Enjoy your first family reunion all together!! Happy July 4th!