The Landscaping is Finished

Despite all of the rain that we have been having here in Lexington, there have been enough breaks in the downpours to finalize our landscaping for now.  The official landscaping was completed in early December, but once summer rolled around, we saw where there were some spots that needed enhancement.  We shared in this post that we wanted to add some hydrangeas and an espaliered apple tree.  Well, those things are now in, fresh mulch has been spread, the flowers are blooming and growing, the fence has been painted, and we are going to put a fork in it and call it done.  We used one landscaper to do all of the heavy lifting and planting originally and are thrilled with what they did.  The company who is mowing our lawn did the most recent plantings. All of the rain has made everything so beautifully green and lush.  Here’s how the front lawn looks now.

landscaping - The 2 Seasons

These are the new hydrangeas.  We selected Annabelle variety.  We put in five for now, but if they don’t fill out and grow enough, we can always add two more.

IMG 5681 1024x683 - The Landscaping is Finished

We went with Annabelle because they do well in the shade, and this spot has a huge tree looming over it.  Plus, I wanted a white bloom and not a pink or blue bloom.  The green plants behind them are climbing hydrangeas which will climb up the wall and have a white flower.

IMG 5673 683x1024 - The Landscaping is Finished


Here’s the espaliered apple tree.  It doens’t look like much now and will definitely look great when it grows some.  It is dwarfed by the red maple that we planted last fall.


Since everything is looking so good with the green grass and fresh mulch, here’s the rest of our lawn.

IMG 5676 683x1024 - The Landscaping is Finished


IMG 5675 683x1024 - The Landscaping is Finished

This is looking toward our neighbor in the back.  That tree in their front yard is the most beautiful tree I have ever seen.  Its leaves are pink.  It is stunning, and I do not know what kind it is.

IMG 5674 683x1024 - The Landscaping is Finished

IMG 5672 683x1024 - The Landscaping is Finished

IMG 5671 683x1024 - The Landscaping is Finished

IMG 5677 683x1024 - The Landscaping is Finished

IMG 5682 683x1024 - The Landscaping is Finished

Take care.


  1. Pam says

    Have you met your neighbors yet? Whay do they think of your renovations and landscaping?

    • says

      Pam, we have met some of them, and they appreciate the changes. I think they have gotten over the big mess we had to create to get to this point.

  2. Donnamae says

    Oh…everything looks wonderful Janette! Both landscapers did a wonderful job! Bet it feels great to have that part completed….now, you can sit back and relax and enjoy! 😉