A Dresser for the Guest Room

Although I truly love the way our guest room looks, I had an ahha moment last week and realized that there are no drawers for unpacked clothing and other items.  We have a customized closet in there for hanging clothes, but there were no substantial drawers.  I had two night stand and another piece, but no drawers.  So, I went on the hunt for a dresser for the guest room.  It had  to be no wider than 40 inches, and I wanted it to be short so it would fit nicely beside the love seat.  At the time, an old Ethan Allen night stand that I had painted white, was serving as an end table for the love seat.  It was useless, though.

Townhouse guest room - The 2 Seasons

I searched on line, on Craig’s list, and on Facebook market place, but nothing was right.  They were all too something – too tall, too contemporary, too flimsy, etc.

Townhouse guest room - The 2 Seasons

Then I made a trip to my favorite Lexington consignment shop (Room Service) and saw “the one” as soon as I walked in the door.  The price was right, the size was right, but it was a tad ornate.  Could I dumb it down with paint?  Should I paint it?  I decided to deal with that decision later and bought the dresser.

Townhouse guest room - The 2 Seasons

My husband and son carried it to the guest room for me, and I immediately called Jordan and asked her if I should paint it or add some white wax to take away some of the seriousness.  She advised me not to paint it.  She thought it would look better when I added accessories.

Townhouse guest room - The 2 Seasons

Then I went on our Instagram stories and asked our followers.  They, too, said to not paint it.

Townhouse guest room - The 2 Seasons

So, I just accessorized it, and that was all it needed.

Townhosue guest room - The 2 Seasons

I do think, though, that a colorful lamp or colorful lampshade would serve it well.  It is tucked nicely into the corner beside the love seat and is just perfect now.

Townhouse guest bedroom - The 2 Seasons

This is what it looked like before we added the dresser.  Here’s a tour of the guest room.

Townhouse guest room - The 2 Seasons

I am so glad that I took a moment, asked advice of others, and then followed through with your advice.  Now, Jordan says I need to replace the old Kentucky sugar chest in the other guest room with a dresser.  So, the hunt is back on.  A house is never finished.


Take care.


  1. Dianne says

    Janette, I love that dresser! It is perfect for that place and purpose in your guest room. Also, I love the mix of styles in your home!

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