Our Successful House Projects

We thought it would be fun to revisit a few of the projects Jordan has done at her house in the past, and give an update on how she likes them and how they are holding up.  We are always getting ideas on blogs, on Pinterest, in magazines, in stores, etc. and sometimes we give those ideas a try.  Sometimes we come up with our own projects.  Let’s take a look at her successful house projects.

Painted Back Splash

Painting a tile back splash - The 2 Seasons

Painting a tile back splash - The 2 Seasons

One of the most popular and also one of the craziest jobs Jordan tackled was painting her backsplash.   This project is more common now, but when she did it, there was still a fear factor involved.

How to Paint your tile backsplash

She didn’t like it and didn’t like the way the previous taupe color looked with her freshly painted white cabinets.  Well, over two years later, the painted back splash looks as if she did it yesterday.  It is as good as new.  It holds up to the grease splatters and heat from the stove, and it cleans up nicely.  This project gets two thumbs up.  To see how she did it, go here.

Silver Trays as Art

Silver trays on dining room wall

A very simple project that we did was adding silver trays to Jordan’s dining room wall.  Adding silver trays and plates to any wall is a great way to use the silver that is collecting dust and tarnish in your drawers.  If you don’t have silver trays, they are usually just a few dollars at thrift stores.  Jordan has let the trays tarnish somewhat because she likes the patina.

Dining room - the 2 Seasons

She intends to fill the wall with them.They are on one of the first walls guests see as they enter her house, and she gets comments and compliments on them all of the time.   This easy project has staying power and gets two thumbs up.  Go here to see the blog post about them.

Closet to Mudroom

Mudroom before and after - The 2 Seasons

Another great projects that has been a wonderful transformation was when Jordan and Charles created a mudroom out of a cramped and overflowing closet.  With two children, the space gets a lot of use.  The work and cost were well worth the convenience, and it also gets two thumbs up.  Go here to see how they did it.

Cookbook Storage

Adding storage to kitchen cabinets - The 2 Seasons

This is another very simple project she did, and it has been so popular on Pinterest and around the world wide web.  When your kitchen storage space is limited, you get creative.  Jordan bought a few spice racks at Ikea, painted them, and then Charles attached them to an empty space on the side of a kitchen cabinet.  It is a genius spot for storing cookbooks or any other book.  Two thumbs up again.  Go here to see the blog post about it.

Faux Marble Island

After island blog - Our Successful House Projects

We absolutely thought this project would only last a few months or so.  However, adding faux marble contact paper to a kitchen island that she purchased at the Habitat Restore has been another huge success.  The island gets a LOT of use on a daily basis, and the paper looks brand new.   You can buy the contact paper here.  Two thumbs up again.  Go here to see the blog post about it.

Have there been failures along the way?  You betcha, but we will save them for a rainy day.  If you have been thinking about doing any of these successful projects but were hesitant, then maybe this will encourage you to pull the plug.  Good look and please contact us if you have any questions.

Take care.


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