The Dining Room Is Ready for Summer

I just love decorating with neutrals and navy.  It means that with just a few tweaks a room can easily transform from one season to another without any major tasks taking place.  No furniture needs to be moved, no rugs need to be removed, and the art can stay put.  I changed up the dining room from its fresh spring time look to its summer do in just a few minutes, and you can do the same in your home.  Let’s check out the dining room’s summer look, and see what I did.


IMG 5584 683x1024 - The Dining Room Is Ready for Summer

Even though we plan to eat most of our summer meals in the courtyard, the dining room is the first room guests see when they enter our house.  So, it needs to look its best.  I started the transformation with pillows.  Well, technically, there’s only one pillow in the room.  I changed the yellow pillow to one with predominately navy and red.  There is, however, a touch of green on it.  I love adding red to my navy accessories for summer because it’s a great time to use the patriotic colors that I love.  You can change out your pillows, too.  You can shop for some here or make some tops using the easy method we showed you in this post.

IMG 5601 683x1024 - The Dining Room Is Ready for Summer

I bought this wonderful flag pillow for just a few dollars, and the quality is surprisingly good.  I will add it toward the middle of the month when I really want the room to have more of a patriotic attitude for our family’s July 4th celebration.  We told you about this flag pillow in our Saturday Selections, and here’s the link if you want to buy one for your home.


IMG 5604 683x1024 - The Dining Room Is Ready for Summer

I bought an oil painting this spring of children playing ,and it went on a guest room wall.  However, since it has a summer vibe, I am using it on the console for a few months.  The abstract that was there is now doing time in the guest room, and it come back to its home base in the fall.

IMG 5586 683x1024 - The Dining Room Is Ready for Summer

I also switched out the post card that is in a dining frame on the end table.  It now has a red, white, and blue painting by Claude Monet.  I’m sure those flags are probably French flags, but his impressionist techniques work in my favor.

IMG 5607 683x1024 - The Dining Room Is Ready for Summer

I also brought out a rustic barn/flag painting that I did a couple of years ago and put it on the cart.

Table Centerpiece

IMG 5587 683x1024 - The Dining Room Is Ready for Summer

I love the look of industrial combined with something a tad elegant and decided to go that route for the dining room centerpiece.  It looks so much better in person than in this photo, by the way.  I am using a metal tray that I bought a few years ago.  Then I added the crystal candle holders that we own.  This link will take you to a similar tray.

IMG 5588 683x1024 - The Dining Room Is Ready for Summer

Some are fine leaded crystal, and some are just plain glass that I bought for a few dollars.  Next came white candles from Trader Joe’s.  TJ is the best source for white candles, and they are dripless.  This combo makes a fresh and not too stuffy centerpiece for the table, and it will work for the entire summer.


IMG 5606 682x1024 - The Dining Room Is Ready for Summer

The fireplace mantel also took just a few minutes.  All I did was replace the yellow books that were there for spring with red books.

IMG 5593 683x1024 - The Dining Room Is Ready for Summer

I added a green plant (it’s faux) in an old tin that I bought last week at a local vintage shop.  I replaced some candles with blue and white ginger jars.

IMG 5605 e1559505160619 683x1024 - The Dining Room Is Ready for Summer

And don’t you just love how a fern says summer when it is placed in or beside a fireplace?


IMG 5581 683x1024 - The Dining Room Is Ready for Summer

I kept the navy blue lamp on the console but switched out the green shade for a white drum shade.  The navy monogram finial stayed.  I have a red lamp that I might bring out later.


Without being too “in your face”, the dining room is ready for summer with its blue, white, and touches of red decor.  And when summer is starting to fade, and I want to gear up for my favorite season, I can easily replace the accessories with fall colors and be all set.


Do you have any special accessories or colors you like to use for summer?

Oh, and one more thing.  A few of you asked about the Paul McCartney concert.  He was absolutely fantastic, and I love him as much (or more) than I did all of those years ago when every night I kissed his photo that hung over my bed.  It is by far the best concert I have ever been to.  The arena was packed with people who love him, and the energy was fantastic.  His band was also great and so entertaining with their antics.  Paul McCartney will is a legend.


Take care.

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    Very nice touches, Janette!

    My brother and his fiance drove from Charleston (WV) )to Lexington for that concert and they also loved it. They had great seats too. She videotaped several things and posted on FB. They were all great – of Paul singing, explaining a few thoughts behind songs, and of his band. Sure wish I could’ve been there, and am glad you were able to go.

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