My Parents

I am spending the week with my parents.  Mother is 92, and Daddy is 96 and although they are slowing down, they still live independently and have ways to fill their days.  They are mentally as sharp as tacks.  Mother has finally hired someone to do the mowing on their two acres so that my 96 year-old father doesn’t have to do it.  Thank goodness.  She has also hired someone to pull the weeds in her beloved flower beds.  We have made her promise that she will not go out onto the property with her walker.  She said that she would have Daddy help her, and I replied that if one goes down, they both go down.  She has promised to stay on the patio, but none of us trust her.  They have always done everything themselves and are not used to paying people to do things like mow, weed, and clean for them.  It’s the Greatest Generation, and that’s one of the reasons why.

Grandma's country garden - The 2 Seasons

My parents live in the country, and thankfully, my brother and his family live 8.2 miles from them.  We, on the other hand, live eight hours away.  So, my brother gets the brunt of the responsibilities when it comes to their doctors’ visits, some shopping, and day to day trials.

Grandma's garden - The 2 Seasons

Mother and Daddy realize that they are able to still live in their home because he is nearby to help.  Sadly, my brother and his wife have spent the spring dealing with medical issues with their son, so it’s imperative that my parents make smart decisions and don’t try anything too risky.  We want to keep them healthy.

Grandma's house - The 2 Seasons

Daddy still drives, and so they can go to church, the post office, the pharmacy, club meetings, Walmart, and the nearest grocery store.   In fact, just last year at age 95, Daddy renewed his driver’s license for five more years.  He has four bird feeders that he tends to daily.  Country birds eat a lot.  I thought that since they are, in fact, country birds, that they would be more independent.  It’s surprising how much bird seed they go through each month.

Grandma's country garden - The 2 Seasons

Last year when Daddy was making a bird seed purchase at a local farm store, he fell while dealing with his cane and a 25 pound bag of seed and was pretty banged up.  I still can’t figure out why one of the  store employees didn’t help him to his car unless he insisted that he could “handle it.”

Grandma's country garden - The 2 Seasons

Mother still loves sewing and has made over 20 dresses for Little Miss. She made most of my clothes when I was growing up.  She has used the same Singer sewing machine for at least 60 years.  She also is always working on several quilts at one time.  She still cans green beans and tomatoes and usually has about 10 homemade apple pies in the freezer ready to feed visitors who drop by.  She peels the apples and makes the crust from scratch.  Her fried chicken is my number one favorite food.

Grandma and Grandad celebrate their 70th anniversary

Next month they will celebrate 73 years of marriage.  That’s hard to imagine.  They started writing letters to one another when Daddy was in Europe for World War II.  When he came home, they dated and eventually married.  I am thankful every day and realize how lucky we are to still have our parents/grandparents.  They are the foundation of our family and have been wonderful role models for us.  I hope you enjoyed learning about them.


Take care.



  1. says

    You are blessed to have both your parents still. May God continue to bless and keep them with good health.
    Blessing to you also.

  2. DownIsland says

    Regrettably, this seems incredibly irresponsible to me. As an educational and medical professional, I do not believe that any 96 year old, or 92 year old for that matter, still has the physiological or biological response times needed to drive safely. “Sharp as tacks” or not, neither should be driving, even to a rural church, pharmacy or grocery store. I am amazed that a state employee approved an additional five year license for your father, and even more so that you, your brother and your father’s physician concurred. This is nothing but a tragedy in the making.

    • says

      My dad drove semi-trucks his entire career. His reflexes are spot on. He is a much much much safer driver than the people who are driving and texting, drinking and driving and drugging and driving. I would ride with him anywhere any day.

  3. Elizabeth from New Jersey says

    What a lovely post! Your parents sound like wonderful people and you are indeed fortunate to still have them with you. I love the gazebo surrounded by flowers. It must be a special place to enjoy a cool drink on a warm day!

  4. Sandy McGuigan, says

    Thank you for sharing your parents. I always feel better knowing, for a fact, that there are such great people still in the world. I admire their attitude about life, their work ethic, and their commitment to doing things right. Their independence is another terrific attribute. You are blessed to have them as your parents and they are probably in heaven this week, having you all to themselves. Please share my warmest regards and respect with them.

  5. Nancy DePew says

    Your mother sounds a lot like your mother-in-law! You are blessed to have two wonderful women in your life. God bless.

  6. Gwen says

    Oh my, what a wonderful post story. They sure don’t look to be in their 90’s. At least 10 years younger.

  7. Terri says

    oh my goodness !!! Im shedding a few happy tears… what an incredible heritage !! I love this “real life” story !!! Neither one of them look their age in that picture ….. how beautiful and blessed you guys are !!!!!! Their home and gardens are gorgeous!! ( and yes… an amazing and great generation !!! My Mom passed away at 93 years old in 2018 !! An amazing cook … and she was known for her southern fried chicken !! ) lol

  8. Jamie says

    Your parents are amazing! I love hearing about them. They give hope to the rest of us thinking about all the possibilities for the future. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Linda says

    Your parents are inspiring. My mom passed at 101 years old. I, too, am very lucky to have had my mom in my life for so long. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading about your family.

  10. jan says

    Your parents look so much younger!! It must be that good country air! How blessed you are to have them!

  11. Marsha says

    You are blessed! Your parents look amazing for their age! It’s hard to believe they are 92 and 96.

  12. Cheryl Ann says

    Thank you, Janette,, for sharing your parent’s story. They sound like wonderful, kind, and caring people that I would enjoy knowing. I see where you get your work ethic. Blessings to all…

  13. Debra says

    I am in awe of your wonderful parents! I look at their beautifully well kept home and gardens and am inspired by their incredible work ethic and desire to keep going ! It really put tears in my eyes , thinking about their generation, how hard they worked but how happy they were with what they had. I would ride anywhere with your father because he is going to be 10 times more careful than anyone else on the road !

  14. KittyLuvr says

    What a beautiful story about two amazing people…73 years is a wonderful accomplishment! I know you are so grateful for your brother and sister in law. It’s hard being the child who has always lived away. We are dealing with that now…and feel guilty for not being able to physically be there but I do call my MIL every day to check on her and chit chat!

  15. says

    Your parents are blessed to be in their home and to have one another. I know how you feel about them doing things they shouldn’t. My in laws are 93 and 92 and although my mother in law is in excellent health my fatherinlaw has had numerous health issues in the last year, including falling in the house several times. Long story short they would not get help and it finally took a toll on them both. My fatherinlaw is now in a home and my mother in law in a small condo. It’s so sad because they are both miserable.

  16. Carolyn Rasnick says

    What a great blog post this is. You certainly have excellent genes and it’s hard to believe all that they are still able to accomplish. I hope their good health and independence continues so that they can reach 75 years of marriage!

  17. Carolyn Rasnick says

    What a wonderful blog post! You come from great genes! I hope your mom and dad can stay independent and healthy to at least make it to 75 years of marriage and the Smuckers Jar on the Today show!!

  18. jean says

    I miss my parents so much. I am so sure you value your time with them. THANK YOU FOR SHARING THEM.

  19. Beth says

    They are amazing. I see where you got your good genes! I’m moving in with my Daddy on June 12 to help out. He’ll be 81 on June 8.

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