Our Outdoor Bar Cart

Hello, everyone.  We hope you had a good weekend.  It has been so dry here, and we finally received buckets of rain on Sunday evening.  Thank goodness it was after we finished our bicycle ride.  We have a quick post today.  I want to show you the latest addition to our courtyard, which is almost ready for its reveal.  It’s our outdoor bar cart, and we are crazy about it.

Outdoor bar cart - The 2 Seasons

We will be eating a lot of our meals outside in the courtyard this summer, and believe it or not, I also spend lots of time out there tinkering with my plants.  I wanted a cart that would work both as a serving/bar cart and as a potting/gardening cart, and I found it.  It is absolutely perfect, and I want you to see it in case you are on the lookout for a similar multipurpose cart.

Outdoor bar cart - The 2 Seasons

Although we will always love this DIY bar cart that Jordan created a few years ago, I wanted an iron cart that could stand up to the weather.  This cart, which came unassembled, is a heavy wrought iron like material.  Mike put it together and was very impressed with its quality.

Swivel Wheels

Outdoor bar cart - The 2 Seasons

It has swivel wheels on the front……..


Outdoor bar cart - The 2 Seasons

and a handle and big fancy wheels on the back.  I can easily push it around the courtyard with almost no effort.


Outdoor bar cart - The 2 Seasons

And get this….The top turns into a tray.  I know this isn’t a very good picture, but I wanted you to see how big and substantial it is.

Outdoor bar cart

I have our outdoor bar cart tucked away in a corner beside our herbs so that it is easily accessible when I need to use it.  I am giving this outdoor bar cart (which could be used indoors, by the way) two thumbs up.   You can find it here, and the last time I looked, it was on sale.  I am so happy with the way our courtyard is coming together.  I bought a wonderful water fountain this weekend, and hopefully, Mike will be able to put it together today.  It is very heavy and takes another person who is not me.


Take care.


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