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Hi everyone. Thank you so much for all the kind words and emails you have sent during our adoption journey.  We are surviving!  Google is so sweet, and I still can’t believe he is home.  I plan to sit down and write a full post, but I wanted to get your opinion on something.  Please, we need your help on buying a new mattress.

Townhouse guest bedroom - the 2 Seasons

We stayed in several different hotels during our trip to Thailand, and some mornings when I woke up, my lower back was killing me.  Other mornings it was fine.  Meanwhile, here at home my back has been hurting.  We bought a Casper king sized mattress just two years ago, and it’s time to buy a new mattress.  We heard so many rave reviews about the Casper mattress and how convenient it was to have a mattress delivered to your house in a box.  Well, let me tell you that there are no rave reviews coming from this house.

Guest room - The 2 Seasons

And that’s where we need your help.  Mattress shopping is hard.  We are thinking about buying a Sleep Number mattress, but we are afraid to make the commitment.  We would love your opinions and suggestions on any mattress brand.  So tell me and give me your thoughts.  Anyone out there have a Sleep Number and love it/hate it?  Is there another brand you think we should check out?  I think since we have had some rough (sleepless) nights with Google, I am realizing I need a good night’s sleep on a good mattress that doesn’t make me feel a lot older than I am.

Master bedroom - The 2 Seasons

We spend one third of our lives sleeping, and so buying a mattress is a big and expensive decision.  We want to get it right this time.  Help…..Please!!!  Just leave us a comment or send us an email.  Thanks in advance!!!



  1. Barbara says

    My husband and I went through the same issues trying to find a comfortable mattress. We started with innerspring, spending quite a bit on that! Only lasted a few years, we then punched a latex bed without the plush top bout bought our own toppers. That was good for a few years. About 3 years ago we checked out the Sleep number brand and after doing some research decided to buy a Personal Comfort “number” bed online. We love it! No back or hip problems. The warranties are good as well. Good luck! Barbara

  2. Peggy Lineberry says

    Puffy Lux is awesome for my old back. Get 101 day trial and lifetime warranty. It’s recommended for those with low back pain.

  3. says

    Jordan , my husband & I bought a SN bed last Nov, and I would recommend it. I have severe scoliosis since age 14 that was managed with bracing, and though I have managed through the years with exercise, I have chronic neck & back related pain that is SO much better with this bed! We bought the split king, 360 iLE model, a Ltd edition that’s in between their top of the and line models i8 and i10. We also bought two pillows, and it has made a HUGE impact in my neck issues and sleep!
    I’d be happy to answer any questions you’d have, just email me. We have moved since buying, and that was a hassle with the bed, but I know how to avoid that now too (too late for me!). My only regret is not pulling the trigger sooner and buying sooner! We drug our feet way too long on buying a good night’s sleep.

  4. says

    Please consider a Natural Form mattress. the website is: They are a family owned business in Vermont. My husband is a farmer who fell off his tractor and broke his neck. Back problems and neck problems have plagued his sleep. I purchased a Natural Form mattress for him last fall and he had immediate relief. I went online to do research for a bed that helps with spine problems and was thrilled to find a company that was family owned and using quality materials. All natural materials, medically approved at the highest levels for spine relief. No pumps, motors, 10 year warranty, 100 night trial period.
    Please look them up and seriously consider. They were wonderful to work with!

    • says

      My parents tried a Tempurpedic and didn’t like it. They returned it, and the company’s headquarters is in their hometown.

  5. Gloria Eversman says

    I ordered a sleep # nineteen years ago from QVC. Still using it. In the beginning I snuggled into a #35, nowadays at age 66, I can crank it up to a firm 95 and keep my hips aligned. It has been worth every penny.

  6. says

    Saatva is the one and only way to go! We have a brand new one in our room, and moved our 3year old one up to the guest room. Absolutely superb. And so reasonable. I would never buy anything else.

  7. Carolyn Rasnick says

    My hubby and I love our Tempurpedic Breeze model. We have a split king and the salesman talked us into the vibration feature for circulatory issues down the road but I use it most every night to gently lull me to sleep. The Breeze model helps with the heat buildup that the earlier models gave people problems with. Good luck! It’s a big investment but worth it to find the right one for you.

  8. Mary says

    We have a Sterns and Foster in our home in CO and also one in our home in MN. It is the Rockwell and we love it. Husband has back issues and it has helped tremendously.

  9. Beth says

    I’m sorry you didn’t like the Casper. I love mine. Also bought the pillows.