DIY Travel Laundry Sheets, Revisited

Happy May Day!  This day is very special in our family because we are in Thailand, and today is the day we meet our little boy.  We are so excited to finally be able to hold him in our arms.  It will be a tough and emotional day for all of us, but it will be for the best for him.  Little Miss is so excited, too.

With travel season and vacation season upon us, we thought it would be good to bring back this great travel hack on how to make travel laundry sheets.  We made laundry sheets for our Thailand trip, and Mom has some stored up for her next trip.  Enjoy this revisit.


DIY Travel Laundry Sheets - The 2 Seasons

As I am packing up and getting ready to head to Provence and then the Netherlands for two weeks of bicycling, I realized that you travelers out there might like this great idea.  I learned how to make DIY travel detergent sheets, and they are so easy to make, inexpensive to make, and handy to have on any trip.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember who told me about them, but these detergent sheets are great to have on a trip.  Before learning to make them, I always took these detergent sheets along with me but not anymore.  In case you are wondering why I would need to take laundry sheets on a trip, here’s why.  I only take a carry-on and a backpack with me on a trip – no matter how long I am away.  My mantra is whether I’m gone three days or three weeks, I just have a carry-on and a backpack.  So, I need to do some laundry in the sink while I am away. I don’t always trust a hotel’s laundry service to wash and dry the way I would.  Mike always sends his laundry out when we travel, but I prefer to do this little chore myself.


Bicycling in Europe - The 2 Seasons

I carry my luggage on the way to my destination so it won’t get lost, and I check it through on my return trip because at that point, it doesn’t matter if the suitcase arrives home when I do. I have seen so many Americans struggling with too much luggage in subways, on buses, on trains, and in the streets and made a mental note to not let that ever become me.  I don’t know anyone who has said they wish they had taken more with them on a trip, but I have heard plenty of people say they wish they had taken less.


What You Need

All you need to make DIY travel detergent sheets is two things – paper towels and liquid detergent.

DIY Travel laundry sheets - The 2 Seasons

The Steps

Simply lay your paper towels out on a flat water-proof surface, and then drizzle the liquid detergent onto them.  Let it soak in a little bit.

DIY travel laundry sheets

Don’t saturate the paper towel, and don’t worry if it actually soaks through. After you have added detergent, gently pick up each paper towel, and attach it to a hanger using clothes pins.

DIY travel laundry sheets

Hang them up, and let them dry.  When your DIY travel laundry sheets are dry, fold them, and put them in a zip lock bag.  When it’s time to pack your suitcase, just put them in.

DIY Travel detergent sheets

When you are on your trip and it’s time to wash out some clothes in your hotel sink, fill the sink with water, toss in a DIY travel laundry sheet, and voila, you have suds.  Wash your clothes as you normally would by hand, and then toss the paper towel in the trash.


Since travel season is upon us, you might like to give this little trick a try.  Happy travels!


Take care.


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