Our Organic Laundry Routine

Without even trying or actually realizing it, I have turned our laundry routine into an almost organic process.  Actually, it would be totally organic if I didn’t add a tablespoon of detergent to each load of laundry.  That’s right.  I add just one tablespoon of liquid detergent in order to have the fragrance in our clothes.  I could totally eliminate this step, but I love the smell of freshly washed clothes.  We took two simple steps to make it all possible, and you can do it, too.

Step 1

First off, we bought a  pureWash by Greentech.  You can buy one here.  This little device eliminates the need for detergent when doing laundry.  I know.  It sounds crazy, but it’s true.  Mike first learned about this pureWash machine in California from a hotel owner.  It seems that lots of hotels use them for three reasons:  it eliminates the need for detergent; it works with only cold water; and it is organic.

Laundry room organics - The 2 Seasons

It is easy to install.  Ours is on the wall over the washing machine in our laundry room.

Townhouse laundry room - the 2 Seasons

You can’t see it because I have a painting leaning against it.  According to its website, here are the reasons this thing works:

pureWash Pro Cleans Clothes Cleaner by infusing the water with oxygen, pureWash Pro doesn’t just clean clothes, it purifies and sanitizes them, leaving them odor free, whiter, fluffier, and happier. It connects easily and safely to all models of both front load and top load washing machines and eliminates smelly washer syndrome. Feel confident the next time you wash your child’s favorite teddy, teen’s soccer shirt, or family towels because pureWash Pro Removes Bacteria & Mold from both your washing machine and laundry. Save Money with Every Wash thanks to the naturally purifying power of oxygen, we only need the cold water cycle & little to no detergent – saving money and energy on every wash.

I must tell you that I was very leery at first.  This was totally Mike’s idea, and I went along with it but unwillingly.  After just a week of using it, I was hooked.  Now, I do have to treat stains, but that’s all.  If you want a safer way to do laundry, then you might want to look into it.

Step 2

Screen shot from Amazon

The next step was somewhat easier.  We bought these organic wool dryer balls for the dryer.  They replaced the dryer sheets that we have used for years.  Again, I was somewhat skeptical, but after reading rave reports from other bloggers, I took the plunge.  These dryer balls are wonderful.  I don’t know how they work, but the fact is that they do work.  My clothes come out of the dryer fluffy and static free.  You can buy them here.

So, if you are trying to make your home more “user friendly” and chemical free, these are two easy steps to take to get the process started.  After all, there are clothes against our skin all day and all night.  Skin is our largest organ, so we should take serious steps to protect it.

Take care.


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  1. KittyLuvr says

    That is the most interesting machine! I have never heard of it but it sounds amazing…and I do use the wool dryer balls..and they do work! I bought 3…instantly lost 1…no idea where it rolled to but now I have 5! And that’s the magic number for most of my loads of laundry. Thanks for an inspiring post!