Goodbye Our Lady

Notre Dame - The 2 Seasons

We, along with the rest of the world, watched in horror as Notre Dame Cathedral was engulfed in flames.  As newlyweds working and living in nearby Switzerland, Mike and I spent our first New Year’s together in Paris.  We visited all of the tourist sites, including the grand cathedral.

Notre Dame - The 2 Seasons

I had learned about the gargoyles, rose window, Gothic style, and flying buttresses in Art 101 and never thought as a small town girl that I would ever get to see Notre Dame.

Notre Dame - The 2 Seasons

Not only did I see it then but have revisited the church many times.  It was always a thrill to revisit Notre Dame.  I always discovered something new that I did not notice in the past.

Notre Dame - The 2 Seasons

Our hearts go out to the people of Paris and of France.  The world has lost one of its most beautiful and most loved cathedrals.  We mourn with you.


Take care.


  1. Kate L says

    Thank you for your lovely tribute to Notre-Dame, Janette. It will not be the same during my lifetime, and possibly never again. Such a loss to the world on so many levels! I was reminded of my first visit and walk up the South Tower in ‘74 with Parisian friends, whom I was able to reach via email yesterday. Other significant memories for me personally include the first time Tom & I took our kids there in ‘78 (especially up to the roof to see the gargoyles and the famous bells), and performing there with The Lexington Singers in 2000, for some pieces with the beautiful organ. Fortunately, that instrument seems to have survived. I did not sleep well last night ….

  2. Beth says

    I visited Nortre Dame on my first day in Paris in 1979. I also had studied this magnificent Gothic Cathedral in Art History in college. On that trip Margie and I also visited the French cathedrals of Reims, Chartres, Amiens and Rouen. These cathedrals were created to mimic The Big Dipper. The most important point was Polaris, the North Star, at it was Nortre Dame. My heart goes out to Paris, we are so fortunate to have had the opportunities to travel to places such as Nortre Dame.