Tips for Taking a Cooking Class

Jordan and I took a cooking class last week, and it was so much fun.  This isn’t our first round of classes, but it’s the first time we have taken a class together.  I took a dessert making class on a trip to Paris, and Jordan took a Thai cooking class when they were in Bangkok the first time.  Cooking classes are all about having fun and learning something at the same time.  We selected the class called A Taste of Greece which was given at the Sur la Table store in her local mall in Charlotte.  We had lots of options, but learning some tricks and eating Mediteranean food just sounded fun so that’s why we selected that particular class.  (Next time we want to take a croissant making class).  If you check Yelp or Google cooking classes in your area, you will probably find some not too far away.  We thought you might like some cooking class tips for taking a class in your area.

Cooking class - The 2 Seasons

Go Hungry

Our class was at 6:30 in the evening, but we didn’t eat until around 8:00.  The  chef had a selection of crackers we could munch on to quell our appetites, but it is best to go hungry and stay hungry so you will enjoy the meal more.  Remember when your mother used to say, “Don’t eat that or you’ll spoil your dinner”?  Well, that rule applies here.

Cooking class - The 2 Seasons

Take Photos

Keep your phone nearby but on airplane mode so you won’t be disturbed.  If there is a step in the cooking process that you want to document or remember, just grab your phone and snap a quick photo.

Cooking class - The 2 Seasons

Ask Questions

The chef wants you to learn, so be sure to ask questions if you need more explanation.

Cooking class - the 2 Seasons


The chef will ask for volunteers to do small tasks like chopping, stirring, mixing, etc.  Be sure to volunteer.  Jordan and I learned the proper way to cut an onion.  Who knew we had been doing it wrong all these years?  We  learned about some gadgets that we had not tried before.  We also learned about how to turn meat so it doesn’t stick to the pan., and that there’s a kind of cheese that you can fry but it doesn’t melt.  This was all from participating.

Cooking class - the 2 Seasons

Eat It Up

The day of a cooking class is not the day to be counting your calories.

Cooking class - The 2 Seasons

Eat and enjoy every morsel of the food you helped prepare.  After all, the classes aren’t cheap, and they have to throw away any food that is not eaten.  Part of enjoying the experience is enjoying the meal.

Cooking class - The 2 Seasons

Take Your Own Beverages

Jordan and I opted to drink water, but if you would like to sip on a glass of wine while you are cooking or eating, then you need to take your own.  Check with the class organizers before hand if you aren’t sure about their policies, but it will probably be okay.  Remember…..they want you to enjoy the experience.

Cooking class - the 2 Seasons

We will be sharing our recipes with you in future posts, but here’s what we made:  baklava ice cream which was to die for, sizzling halloumi cheese with peas and mint (this was our salad), orzo pilaf with fresh herbs, tzatziki sauce, and lemon chicken souvlaki with tzatziki sauce.

We hope these cooking class tips will help you if/when you sign up for one.  Have you ever taken a cooking class before?  How was it?

Take care.


  1. Karmann says

    I’m on a first name basis with the chefs at my local Sur La Table! I love their cooking classes. The croissant class is great.

  2. Jennifer says

    I’ve taken several classes at the Sur La Table in South Florida with friends while visiting them. We make an entire day of it since there are no Sur La Table locations near Syracuse. Their products are great too.

    So glad you were able to take a class together!