Update An Old Desk With Paint – Revisited

Our revisit from last April is a day late, but we wanted to run our packing post for you first.  Today we are revisiting the desk that I updated for my office last April.  Hopefully, it will inspire you to get out a paint brush and start updating.


 We hope you having a good week so far.  There are a few posts I have been meaning to write, and today I am finally sharing a quick one.  My office has been a trial and error room since we moved in.  At first I had an antique roll top desk that Mom gave to me years ago.  I loved that desk, but it was too big for the little office.  When it was time to update the room, I sold the desk.

IMG 9113 683x1024 - Update An Old Desk With Paint - Revisited

(office before)

Here is a picture of the office when we moved it.   It is a small room filled with lots of light and and a great set of French doors.  The moment you walk in the house, it is on your left.  It suits the needs of my home office, and I use it daily for the blog, my day job and teaching English to kiddos in China.


IMG 1441 912x1024 - Update An Old Desk With Paint - Revisited

(desk before)

Once the old desk was out I brought in my desk/writing table from my high school days.  It is a classic Ethan Allen desk, but as you can see from this picture it was in rough  shape.

Update with a Bold Paint Color

IMG 6633 768x1024 - Update An Old Desk With Paint - RevisitedDuring some updating in the room, I decided it was time to paint this desk because it was really rough and needed some TLC.  My sister-in-law convinced me to go for a bold hot pink. This wood is cherry, so I needed to make sure I sanded and primed it really well.  Sometimes cherry wood can bleed through if it isn’t prepped properly.  I have mixed feelings on chalk paint, so I decided to go with Behr which I have always liked.  The color I used was Diva Glam, and it is bold, bright and awesome.

IMG 6637 768x1024 - Update An Old Desk With Paint - Revisited

This picture gives it away, but this desk was painted months ago. We still had our old sofa.   Little Miss watched me paint, and to this day tells me she loves the color.  I think she needs to be the spokes person for pink.  Ha Ha!  She looks so young here, and her hair is much longer now.

Add An Accent Color

IMG 2148 1024x683 - Update An Old Desk With Paint - Revisited

Once it was painted, I let the desk cure for over a week, and that really helped eliminate the sticky factor.  While at times I wish the desk was a tad bigger, it works great.  The fun color is perfect for a woman’s office.  After some time I decided to add some gold paint to its “feet.”  I took a little rub n buff, and added it to the feet.

Painted desk 632x1024 - Update An Old Desk With Paint - Revisited

Here you go with the finished look.  Paint once again saves the day, and updates an old piece of furniture.  The room has had a total transformation over the past year, and we will be sharing that with you soon.

fullsizeoutput b7a 683x1024 - Update An Old Desk With Paint - Revisited

Do you have plans to update any furniture with paint in the future?  Have you ever used hot pink?



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  1. Beth says

    I love the look of your desk, you have made this bold color work. I think Karl Langerfeld might be smiling down on you.