Packing Tips for Your Carry On

With spring break upon us and travel season right around the corner, we thought it would be fun to show you the kinds of things we take in our Baggalini carry on bags.  You might get some ideas that will make your next trip more enjoyable.  Mom and I are teaming up on this post since we are together this week, and since she is the next one to take a big trip (five countries in Europe coming up soon), we are going to share some of our packing tips for your carry on.  Now, you know that we are true travelers, and Mom has been to 80 countries at this point.  And for most of those countries, she has used a carry on back pack that you see on most middle school kids heading to school.  She just never wanted to bother changing to a different brand because she said she “had a system.”

Carry on packing tips with Baggalini - The 2 Seasons

Being a busy mom, I need a bag that will keep my hands free to do the things that moms need to do when we travel.  I especially need a carry on that will expand and even hook onto my other luggage when we are rushing through an airport.  Then Baggalini entered our lives.  Mom now uses a grown-up big girl Overnight Expandable Laptop Tote with an RFID wristlet and cross body strap and LOVES it.  And I now have an Expandable Carry on Duffel with a RFID wristlet with a cross body strap.  It will also hold onto my rolling suitcase.  And I can wipe it down when it’s the victim of spills, spit up, etc.  Since we travel to quite a few developing and third world countries as well as your typical vacation destinations, we need luggage that can handle the miles right along with us.  For practical purposes, we stick to basic colors, but Baggalini offers fun colors and styles.

Let’s look at what we take along with us so that perhaps we can help you do better packing.

Carry on packing tips with Baggalini - The 2 Seasons


Although we try to be online as little as possible when we travel, we do take a laptop or tablet so we can keep up with blog goings-on.  We seldom write posts while we travel (hello……vacation), but we do want to be able to easily check in with family, check on reservations, news, and local information.  Mom’s bag has a special pocket with a foam lining to protect it.


Carry on packing tips with Baggalini - The 2 Seasons

We love holding and reading books, but let’s face it.  They’re heavy.  We both decided that for traveling, e-readers are the best options for our reading.  We can even read magazines on them.

Crossword Book and Journal

Crossword puzzle books, like this one, are practical to take on flights.  If the inflight entertainment is not up to speed, and if you are needing a diversion from reading, working a puzzle can give your brains some much-needed stimulation when you are in a lack of sleep state of mind.


We travel with the current issues of our favorite magazines, and when we are finished, we give them to strangers or to flight attendants to share with others.  It’s an easy way to pass it forward.

Scarf, Shawl, or Jacket

Carry on packing tips with Baggalini - The 2 Seasons

It doesn’t matter which season we are traveling, planes are usually cold.  We like to keep a scarf, shawl, or jacket in our carry on bags.  We even put them in a zip lock bag so they will compress somewhat and can be easily stowed away when we land.

Chargers, Phone, Camera

The airlines warn us to not put our valuable items into checked luggage.  So, we make sure our passport, money and credit cards, phones and chargers are on our bodies during our flights.


Ditto for medicine.  The nice thing about Baggalini bags is that there are often bonus purses and pouches attached inside the bigger bags.  They make excellent spots for storing meds.

Eye Mask, Sleepbuds or Airpods

Carry on packing tips with Baggalini - The 2 Seasons

It’s hard for both of us to sleep on planes, even on long flights, but we do pack an eye mask and Sleepbuds, Airpods or noise canceling earbuds.

Compression socks

When we get on a plane before a long flight, we each change into compression socks.  They keep our legs from swelling and becoming uncomfortable during the hours we are 30,000 feet above sea level.  We switch back into our regular socks before we deplane.  Being in cramped conditions at high altitudes can cause clotting in the legs, so this is a precaution we just like to take.

Sundries, Snacks, Water Bottle

Carry on packing tips with Baggalini - The 2 Seasons

And finally, we pack all the little items that make a long trip easier.  Hand wipes can be used on our hands and even on the drop-down tray.  Chap stick, comb or brush, gum, breath mints, emery board, disposable mini toothbrush with toothpaste, hand lotion, and our favorite skin products in travel sizes.  It’s always nice to land with a clean face and mouth even if the rest of our body is feeling kind of yucky.


Change of Clothes

Carry on packing tips with Baggalini - The 2 Seasons

Before we brought Little Miss home from Thailand, a flight attendant told me to always include an extra set of clothes for me as well as my child.  She said if a child gets sick on me, at least I can change.  This is where the expandable duffel bag is so helpful.  I can get a lot in my bag, and if I don’t want to put it in the overhead compartment, it easily slides under the seat in front of me.

Carry on packing tips with Baggalini - The 2 Seasons

Baggalilini bags, purses, carry ons, etc. would make great Mother’s Day and graduation gifts.  The company was founded by former flight attendants, so they know how to make a great looking and great working bag.  Baggallini is having some great sales right now, and we wanted to make sure we shared the love with you:

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We hope you enjoyed our packing tips for carry ons.  If you have any to share, please do so.  We are really happy with our Baggalini bags and hope you take advantage of the discounts they are offering.  We were provided product and compensation for this post, but all opinions are our own.



  1. Donnamae says

    Thank you for the packing tips. I love Baggallini…and own several handbags. The expanded bag you talked about is new to me, so I will check it out. Enjoy your day! 😉