Adoption Update

Hi everyone. I am here to write such an exciting update.  We received a call from our adoption agency that we have First Approval from Thailand, and we have tentative travel dates to meet Google!!!!!  I was hoping we would get this call sooner, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. So, I was surprised when they called.


Things will now move quickly.  We filled out literally a pound of paperwork to submit to Homeland Security, and we are waiting to hear back from them.  Then the next round of paperwork will come.  When we are in Thailand, we will have an interview with the family board.  They only meet twice a month, and we have been scheduled for the first board meeting in May.  I can’t even believe I am typing this because that means we will need to travel to Thailand at the end of April, and we will meet Google a week before the meeting.

We have struggled to come up with a name for Google, but Little Miss suggested one that Charles and I loved.  Originally, she said she heard it in a dream.  So, we are happy with it, and we think it will fit him.  Sometimes we still call him Google since that is his nickname in Thailand. We will slowly transition to the name we have given him.  We will continue to call him Google here on the blog.  Sorry, but we just don’t want his name or Little Miss’s name to be “out there.”

His smile is just adorable, and it makes me smile.  We get pictures every quarter, and in the last round he had the biggest smile, and he was playing with a truck.  Little Miss did not give us one smile in any of her pre-adoption pictures, and we were with her a week before she cracked a small one.  We went nuts when we saw it.  Haha.  It’s probably how parents feel when their child takes its first steps.  So, seeing Google have a big smile is fun.  I am also seeing I need to get our boy some trucks!

Now, we are in the process of making the guest room into his room, and I have finally come up with an idea.  I’ll post some on Instastories and blog about it.

We have also been trying to prep Little Miss for a brother and what to expect.  If you have any tips and advice, I would love to hear it.  She is excited and told us she knows he will be sad because she was sad when she left her foster mom. And she will be going to Thailand with us so maybe her presence will make his transition easier.   Google is about to have a huge transition.  I know that this is for the best, but it doesn’t make it any easier.  He will be grieving, and I think about his foster family that has raised him for the last two years.  Bittersweet.

My heart is full, and I can’t wait to have my family all together.




  1. says

    Congratulations! Yes, he will grieve, and that is ok, but, in the end, he will be with his forever family and be forever loved.

  2. Pam says

    My Daughter was distraught when her2 year old brother would go in her room and tore the heads off her dolls. Having the trucks is an excellent idea, but also some of the same toys that Little Miss has. That way he won’t be jealous and he can do whatever he wants with copies of her favorite toys.

  3. Beth says

    I am delighted for your family. Little Google will be a wonderful addition to your gang❤️

  4. Kathy says

    I just got the same tears and cold chills I got when I read your Little Miss adoption story. Google will be so blessed to be in your family. Wow! I love that Little Miss had a dream about his name. Prayers that everything goes smoothly. One thing my brother’s family did to help with jealousy issues was to have gifts for the first child from the second, maybe a special locket from him that she will always have to remember the day…or a doll.