How To Give Any Room A Spring Look

When decorating with a somewhat neutral backdrop, it is so easy to switch things up and give a seasonal look to our rooms.  If your home has neutral colors then it is even easier.  Our house is pretty neutral with splashes of navy here and there.  I recently added a spring look to the dining room, but using these tips will show you how to give any room a spring look.  Spring in the dining room was an easy look to accomplish with just the addition of a few items. Let’s take a look.


spring dining room - the 2 Seasons

For some reason, lemons have always reminded me of spring.  Maybe it’s because my mother always made two lemon meringue pies for Easter when I was growing up.  Whatever the reasons, lemons remind me of spring.  I use them in my decorating and in my cooking.  We will have a delicious recipe for lemon blueberry cake on here Friday.  For a quick and easy centerpiece for our dining room table, I simply took the wooden bowl that I bought in Zambia and filled it with real and faux lemons.  I truly cannot tell the reals from the fakes when looking at the bowl.  To spiff it up a little bit, I added twigs of greenery from a fake plant.  I don’t usually buy plastic greenery, but I knew that real greens would not last long at all in this centerpiece.  Since lemons are so inexpensive, I will just freshen the arrangement up with new ones as needed.  Lemons can work in a dining room, kitchen, living room, or family room.

Spring Flowers

spring dining room - the 2 Seasons

Spring flowers will lighten the look in any room.  I wanted our bar cart to have a fresh look for spring.  So, I bought this adorable blue lamp at Homegoods, switched out some of the accessories, and added yellow tulips.  That touch of color in the flowers really gave a nice nod to spring.  If tulips aren’t available where you live, then buy a few bunches of daffodils or even yellow daisies.  They can freshen the look of any room in your home.

spring dining room - the 2 Seasons

The glass bowl of green balls on the bottom of the cart looks very springy to me.  The bowl is just a clear salad bowl that we received as a wedding gift.  It’s the perfect clear vessel for the balls.


spring dining room - the 2 Seasons

The only thing I did to the mantel was to replace two blue books with two yellow books.  Well, one is actually a tannnish color, but it lightens the look.  I also put the yellow candle holder closer to the front.  It was hidden away somewhat before.  Most of us use books as accessories in our homes.  If you don’t have any that are the color you need, do what bloggers do, and paint the covers of some books.  Then you can make them any color you need.


spring dining room - The 2 Seasons

I have a spot for one pillow in our dining room room, and I made sure to use a yellow pillow.  Do you see a theme here?  Having a common spring color around the room just helps the eye to travel from spot to spot easily.  Again, pillows can be used in lots of rooms, and they are the easiest accessories to switch.


Townhouse Dining Room 6 683x1024 - How To Give Any Room A Spring Look

Art might not be the easiest way to change the seasonal look of a room, so check to see if you can do it in your home. The art over the black dresser in our dining room has a lot of yellow in it, but I also wanted some yellow on this little side table.

spring dining room - the 2 Seasons

I went through my post card collection and found this lovely lady sporting a spring look in her yellow.  In a frame, you really can’t tell that she is a post card.  And by the way, when you travel and go to museums, be sure to check out the post cards in the gift shops.  I am always using two or three post cards as art around the house.  I either frame them or set them on small plate holders that act as easels.

Those five simple tweaks can really change up the look of any room for spring.  And keep in mind that your color does not have to be yellow.  It can be any soft pastel color that reminds you of spring.  Think soft blue, pink, soft green, aqua, or lavender.  Any of those colors would work to soften your room.

Do you have plans to give your home a spring look for the new season?  Let us know what you plan to do.

Take care.


  1. Marian Baldock says

    Thank you for your post. I am a consistent Ashland reader and always enjoy your tips. I have been looking for a similar bowl for my kitchen farm table but haven’t found one yet. Any suggestions for places that are stateside?