Pantry Reveal

Since we revealed our kitchen last week, it seemed only fitting to show you our pantry today.  Now, you might remember from the before photo that we showed you, that the room that is now the kitchen was formerly the family room.  The kitchen was a dark little space over in the corner.  Well, that dark space is now a bright and inviting walk-in pantry.  There is very little natural light, so these photos were taken with overhead lighting.  Here’s our pantry reveal.

Townhouse pantry - The 2 Seasons

We worked with our closet designers (Premier Garage for you locals) to come up with a cabinet and shelving plan for the pantry.  We have plenty of space for all of the necessities that one needs and even for things we don’t actually need.  There are drawers, cabinets, and shelves, and they all serve a purpose.  Napkins, linens, storage containers, and foil, etc. are stowed away in the drawers.

Townhouse pantry - The 2 Seasons

Here’s another angle taken from the mudroom.  You might remember that I had an opening made in a wall that the two rooms share.  When I am working at my desk on nice days, I can open the shutters, open the top half of the Dutch door, and catch a nice breeze from the breezeway.


Townhouse pantry - The 2 Seasons

Here’s the desk area.  And there’s the opening with the shutter closed.


Townhouse pantry - The 2 Seasons

(Red stapler available here.  Similar bar stool here.)

This is what it looks like with the shutter open.

Townhouse pantry - The 2 Seasons

(similar copper bowls available here)

We had enough quartz left over from our kitchen slabs to use as counter tops in here.  That was a nice surprise.  The baskets are from Ikea, and similar copper bowls can be purchased here.

Townhouse pantry - the 2 Seasons

(canned goods storage risers available here)

The room has plenty of storage.  Canned goods and baking supplies are hiding in the upper cabinets.  I bought these great storage risers to help keep the canned goods organized.  And I bought  bins (similar here) for my baking supplies that are in the adjoining cabinet.

Townhouse pantry - The 2 Seasons

We have a version of a peg board to hang skillets, aprons, shopping bags, etc.

Townhouse pantry - the 2 Seasons

Then in my office space we have baskets on the shelves.  Those baskets are holding my office files, camera equipment, and chargers.  I heavily edited my office needs, and so the drawers only have the bare necessities: pens, pencils, tape, markers, staples, and stationery. It feels so good to just have the basics close at hand.

Townhouse kitchen - The 2 SeasonsThe pantry is located beside the fridge.  It’s behind the frosted French door.

Townhouse before/old kitchen

This is the old kitchen which is now the pantry and part of our mud room.

Townhouse pantry - The 2 Seasons

We love a good pantry, and this is a good one.  It checks off all of my boxes for a well-planned, working space.


Take care.


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