Our Juice Cleanse

Usually we have a recipe for you here on Fridays, but today we thought it would be fun to tell you about our day without food.


We did it!  Mom and I agreed to do a juice cleanse on the same day, and we made it through with flying colors.  Why a juice cleanse, you  might be wondering.  Well, we were recently in Peru for two weeks, and our diets there were less than stellar.  To put it bluntly, we ate a lot of fried chicken, french fries, and white rice.  The only fruits that we ate were bananas and oranges because they didn’t have to be washed ahead of time.  I don’t think we ate any veggies.  We were told to only drink bottled water and so, we couldn’t risk eating foods that had been washed with the local water.  That eliminated salads.  Don’t get me wrong……we love chicken, french fries, and rice, but two weeks of it with a pizza thrown in now and then for variety is too much.  When we finished the trip, we were both feeling kind of sluggish and blah.

Our juice cleanse - The 2 Seasons

Mom had never done a juice cleanse before, and I have only done one. I did a three-day juice cleanse last year. However, we decided it would be a good thing to do to get some good stuff into our systems and to get rid of the bad stuff.  Mom lives right down the street from The Weekly Juicery, which has gained a national reputation because of this.  My husband works near a juicery which made it easy for me. I used Clean Juice.

IMG 3603 768x1024 - Our Juice Cleanse

Mom asked the shop to select the juices she would need to do a one day’s cleanse, and Charles bought the juices for my one day cleanse.  Mom had six bottles to drink, and I had six juices.

IMG 3612 e1551887248769 768x1024 - Our Juice Cleanse

Here’s the thing about a cleanse.  Neither of us felt hungry during the day.  In fact, Mom was so full that she could only drink four of the bottles of juice.  I drank all of mine. I was drinking this juice, and Little Miss offered to take my photo.  I think the blog now has a new photographer!!!!

Our juice cleanse - The 2 Seasons

(no makeup)

I must add that I think my attitude was better than Mom’s.  Drinking the juices, which aren’t always very tasty, was hard for her.  The one she disliked the most was a combination of kale, cucumber, and some herbs.  My least favorite one was green which is basically the one my mom didn’t like.

IMG 3634 768x1024 - Our Juice Cleanse

Both of us enjoyed the last bottle the most.  It was almond milk mixed with some spices and coconut milk.  It was a pleasant ending to the cleanse.

Our juice cleanse - The 2 Seasons

How did we feel afterwards?  Mom says she didn’t feel any differently, but she did like knowing that she had consumed only very healthy foods all day long.  She also felt lighter the next day.  I felt great.  The next day I felt energized, not bloated and overall a lot healthier.  We had fun documenting the day on our Instastories, and you can watch it on our Instagram home page here.

Would we do it again?  At this point, Mom is a “no,” but said that if she does it again, she will only buy four bottles of juice.

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Our juice cleanse - The 2 Seasons


Have you done a juice cleanse before?  What did you think of it?  Would you do it again?




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  1. Sandy McGuigan says

    Hi Jordan – Within the last month you wrote about some stuffed animals that Little Miss is particularly fond of….I think they were bunnies. I have been looking for that information on the blog and now I cannot find it. Could you send me the information so I can order two bunnies in time for Easter?

    Thank you soo much.

    • says

      Hi Sandy,

      The brand is Jelly Cat and they are awesome. We were just with my niece this weekend and she loves her Jelly Cat just as much as Little Miss. Here is the Jelly Cat website. https://www.jellycat.com but they do not sell them. They have a store locator but I have found Nordstrom sells them and has a few bunnies. you can check them out plus free shipping!