How To Make a Plate Back Splash

When we revealed our new kitchen, we received lots of emails, messages, etc. about the plate back splash that we installed at the bar area.  Many of you really like the look, and we had several questions about how to make a plate back splash.  I mentioned in a previous post that my decorator friend, Beth Harper, did the actual pounding and hanging, but together we decided how to go about the process.  I am just going to list the questions that we have been asked and then answer them.


How did you hang the plates?

Townhouse kitchen - the 2 Seasons


We used different sized nails in different lengths so that we could get a layered look.  We hung them randomly and didn’t use a pattern or design plan.

How did you decide which plates to use?

Townhouse kitchen - The 2 Seasons

I definitely wanted to use only blue and white plates, and I definitely wanted them to be different shapes, designs, and sizes.  I have quite a few blue and white plates, and I just pulled them all out, and we selected the ones that would fit in best with the design.

Are they removable to wash?

Kitchen bar back splash- The 2 Seasons

Yes.  We used regular plate hangers like these in different sizes to hang the plates.  They gave us more flexibility than these would have given us.

What is behind them?

Townhouse kitchen - the 2 Seasons

I always knew that we would have a plate back splash for the back of the bar.  So, the background is just drywall that is painted the same color as the cabinets.  (The cabinets were painted at the factory, by the way.)

Which color did you use?

Townhoouse kitchen - the 2 Seasons

(photo by Jennifer Barnes)

The color is Naval by Sherwin Williams.  It is the same color that is on the front door and in other spots throughout the house.  (You can see that I still need to go back and paint the electrical plug.)  In my opinion, Naval is the perfect true navy color.

I think that is it.  If we missed anything, just send us a message.


Take care.