Kitchen Details and Sources

Last week when we showed you our kitchen reveal, I promised to come back with more details and with the sources.  This kitchen is a joy to work in, and there are some hidden gems that I want to show you a little more closely.  This is a lengthy post, but I want to tell you the hows and whys behind some of our kitchen’s features.

Raised Dishwasher

Townhouse kitchen - The 2 Seasons

Townhouse ktichen - The 2 Seasons

Townhouse kitchen dishwasher - The 2 Seasons

First of all, I mentioned that we had a raised dishwasher installed at the end of our island so that we do not have to bend over to load and unload it.  I didn’t even know this was a feature that was possible until I saw it in our kitchen designer’s showroom.  And the irony is that when I first saw the raised dishwasher, it was when we were living in our former home and when we had no idea we would be moving.  Another joy of the raised dishwasher is that it provides another great area for storage.  Even though we got rid of a lot of dishes and serving pieces when we moved, I still have some seasonal plates and  some depression glass plates (read about them in this post) that I use.  The back side of the dishwasher, pictured here,  provides a lot of space for those dishes and our extra candles.

Appliance Garage

Townhouse kitchen - The 2 Seasons

I mentioned that we have two appliance garages.  What a joy they are.  They are at opposite ends of the row of cabinets around the stove.  One of the garages holds a toaster.  I use the toaster almost every morning for my bagel, and the convenience of having it so easily accessible is greatly appreciated.

Townhouse kitchen - The 2 Seasons

Mike makes a smoothie every morning, and so, the second cabinet houses the blender that he uses daily.  There are outlets in both cabinets, and they are just conveniences that we enjoy.

Quartz Counter Tops

Townhouse kitchen - The 2 Seasons

We wanted the look of marble counter tops without the upkeep.  You can read why in this post.  After looking through many samples when we were designing the kitchen, I selected European Alleanza quartz in a honed marble like finish.  It is stain, scratch, acid, and impact resistant.  A supplier in Louisville, which is about an hour away, carried the product.  I drove there and personally selected the two slabs that we would need for our kitchen.  To say we love it is an understatement.  After living with marble for eight years, it is a joy to cook a meal and not have to worry about stains and etching.

Back Splash

Townhouse kitchen - The 2 seasons

We used the same material for the back splash, and it is seam-free.  The electrical outlets are mounted under the cabinets so that cuts did not have to be made into the quartz.  I like the clean look.  Some people have asked why we didn’t want subway tile on the back splash.  I have nothing at all against subway tile,  We just wanted a look that was different.

Bar Stools

Townhouse kitchen - the 2 Seasons

We ordered the bar stools from Ballards Design. I selected a navy and white Sunbrella fabric so that it would be resistant to stains and fading.  These bar stools are so comfy, and we really enjoy sitting in them.


Townhouse kitchen - The 2 Seasons

The cabinet pulls and knobs are polished nickle, and we have the same style throughout the house.

Sink Area

Townhouse kitchen - the 2 Seasons

The sink hardware is also polished nickle.  I was going to go with chrome, but Debra convinced me to use polished nickle for a richer look.  We had a disposal button installed in the counter top (you can see the little button on the left above the sink) as well as the liquid soap dispenser.  Not having a soap container gives a cleaner or more stream lined look to the counter top.

Walnut Counter Tops

Townhouse kitchen - The 2 Seasons

We also had some questions about the walnut pieces that are part of the counter tops.  We thought there would be a lot of quartz and wanted to break up the look somewhat.  The wood is dark walnut, and we selected this particular wood so that it would match the floors, which are stained dark walnut, and also because walnut is a hard wood.  A local furniture making company that is run by some young men in their thirties made the wood inserts.

Rustic Beam

Kitchen island - The 2 Seasons

When we extended the size of the room with the addition of the family room, we had to add a big ole steel support beam.  We bought reclaimed wood that came from a New York City skyscraper, and our carpenters used it to cover the steel.  Every single person who enters this house compliments the beam.  It just adds a nice rustic touch.

Microwave Drawer

Townhouse kitchen - The 2 Seasons

We didn’t want to have the microwave in the pantry like we did in our last house, and we didn’t want it to sit on top of the counter, so we opted for a microwave drawer.  We are so happy with that decision.  We simply push a button, and the drawer opens.  It’s so easy and convenient to use, and it’s another decision that we are happy with.

Fan Hood

Townhouse kitchen - The 2 Seasons

Now, let’s get to the two stars of the room.  First off is the fan hood.  I saw a photo in a magazine of a similar hood and knew immediately that it was the look that I wanted in our kitchen.  Debra knew a fabricator in Cincinnati, OH, which is an hour away, and he made it.  It was pricey but so worth it.  The big vented fan is under it.

Bar and Plate Back Splash

Townhouse kitchen - The 2 Seasons

The other star is the navy blue bar.  The bar is half as large as it was originally drawn to be, but a snafu in the building process required an additional support pole to hold up the steel beam.  That is why they wall juts out there, but the bonus is that we got a closet in our mudroom.  The bar has plenty of storage for everything needed at a bar – glasses, napkins, wine bottles, liquor storage.  It’s all there.

I think that covers it, but I do want to give you a list of sources.  If I leave out anything you are interested in, just email us or leave a comment.

Kitchen Design – Creative Kitchens and Baths (Debra Hupman team)

Architect – Jack Stewart

Stove, fan and dishwasher – Thermador

Refrigerator – Samsung

Microwave drawer – Sharp (available here)

Counter tops – Alleanza quartz

Sink – Kohler 60/40 farmhouse sink

Faucets, etc – Kohler

Rug – Here

Paint color – Stucco (50 percent color pigement) by Sherwin Williams

Beam – Old World Timber

Bar Stools – here


Lamp – by Ralph Lauren from Homegoods

Toaster – Dualit (available here)

Hardwood floors – Dark walnut (finished onsite)

Cabinet hardware – Top Knobs (available at Creative Kitchens and Baths)

Walnut counter tops – Burton Made (a local company here in Lexington)

I hope our kitchen details and sources post has answered all of your questions.  If not, please send us an email.


Take care.

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  1. says

    Thanks so much for all the details, Janette! I am delighted to learn that there’s a quartz that resembles marble so closely. I have a marble countertop only in our powder room, and even in there I’ve regretted using it. For me it’s just too much upkeep. I guess I like low-maintenance cleaning!

    I’ve ordered your rug from Wayfair (thank you!), and I’m interested in your barstools as well. (You might want to check the link to the barstools–it took me to your rug.)

    One more thing: aren’t Dualit toasters the best?! The only toaster I could find that actually gets hot enough to work properly!

  2. Elizabeth says


    Your kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! Even I, who hates cooking, would not mind spending time in there. Can you tell us how you made your decisions on the appliances? I find that to be the hardest part in designing a kitchen.

    • says

      Elizabeth, I selected Thermador stove, dishwasher, and range hood because I have had two other Thermador stoves and LOVED them. I also had a Thermador dishwasher and range hood before and they were great. I had no clue on a fridge until we rented an furnished apartment for five months during the remodeling process (which took 9 months.) The apartment was the upstairs of an historic home, and the owners had just completely redone the entire space. They purchased a new Samsung door in door fridge based on reviews they had read. I really liked it, and so, that’s why we went with a Samsung fridge. The fridge in our last house was a Kitchen Aid, and it was horrible. Jordan has a Kitchen Aid fridge in her house, and she doesn’t like it either. We picked a Sharp microwave drawer because our home designer recommended that brand based on her experience.

  3. Connie says

    Janette you’ve created a beautiful kitchen. I have a question on your vent hood. How are the white stripes created? Are they just painted on the stainless or a wood overlay? I’ve never seen one like it and I can’t tell by the pictures. Thanks for all the info.

    • says

      Thank you, Connie. The strips are actually chrome. The entire hood is metal with a white enamel finish. They used the same process that is used for painting cars. I am not sure how the chrome strips are attached. There are no visible screws or bolts.

  4. Donnamae says

    Your kitchen is gorgeous! I realized this morning, I had not read your kitchen reveal post…so I had to read that first. Love the special bar area….especially the navy blue. You have a beautiful kitchen, specifically designed for you…I especially like your raised dishwasher…good thinking. Overall…it looks like a great kitchen…and I’m sure it’s a pleasure to cook in, too! 😉