Ten Things To Do Now For Spring

I love getting our house ready for any new season.  It seems that I have a ritual for each season, and the things I do to get our house ready for spring are my favorite.  These are ten things to do now for spring.  We will be doing them, and maybe you will want to do them at your house.

10 Things to do Now for Spring - The 2 Seasons


Wash Those Windows

Townhouse exterior - The 2 Seasons

It’s amazing how much grime builds up on windows during the winter months.  In fact, you really can’t tell how dirty windows are until they’re clean.  Our windows and glass were just begging for me to wash them.  After all, our front lawn was landscaped in November, and a lot of dirt was moved around with a big old bob cat.  That created dust that landed on our windows.  It took several hours, but once the windows were clean and shining, I was happy that I took the time to wash them.  By the way, my go-to window cleaner is vinegar and water.  It leaves zero streaks.

Let Some Fresh Air In

Townhouse mudroom - Te 2 Seasons

As soon as the temperatures reach 65, I will open a few windows or our Dutch door just to air out the house.  If you open windows at opposite ends of your house, then you can get a nice cross ventilation.  A good time to do this is on window washing day!

Wash Your Mirrors, Light Bulbs, and Glass On Your Art

Townhouse Dining Room 10 683x1024 - Ten Things To Do Now For Spring

Just like on the windows, grime can build up on your mirrors, light bulbs, and on the glass that covers your photos and art.  Simply dampen a cloth or paper towel with a vinegar and water solution, and wipe it over the surfaces.  Then use another cloth to dry the surface.  They will sparkle!!!

Wash All Of Your Bedding

Townhouse guest bedroom - The 2 Seasons

Spring time is the perfect time to wash all of your bedding.  That includes the bed skirt, mattress pad, blankets, bed spreads, duvet covers, and even the comforter.  You might have to go to the laundry mat and use an oversized machine if your comforter is too large and bulky for your home washing machine.  If you can’t wash your pillows, then let them put them outside to air out.  When I was a little girl, I always loved it when my mother did her spring cleaning and washed all of my bedding.

Hose Off Your Baskets and Wicker Furniture

Sun room refresh - the 2 Seasons

Do you have lots of baskets or wicker furniture?  Just like everything else, these items need to be “dusted.”  I do that by hauling them outside and then I gently spray them down with the garden hose.  It removes all of the dust that has collected over the winter.  Let them dry in the sunshine before bringing them back into the house.

Toss Out Old Magazines, Newspapers, Flyers, Bags, etc.

Nicaragua - The 2 Seasons

Now is a great time to go through your drawers, baskets, junk drawers and start tossing the stuff.  Donate the old magazines to the local Y or to a doctor’s office.  Take old newspapers, paper bags, and plastic bags to the recycle center.  Toss the flyers and junk mail that often piles up in the corner.  In other words, get rid of the clutter.  It will make you and your home fill so much better

Clean Your House Plants

Dining room - the 2 Seasons

Even if you clean your house regularly and change your furnace filters on a regular basis, there is still dust in the air.  And that dust has to land someplace.  If you have potted house plants, then you can be sure that they need a good cleaning right about now.  The firs thing that needs to be done is to put them in the sink or tub, and give them a big, deep drink of tepid water.  Then take a damp paper towel and gently wipe each leaf.  This gets rid of the dust and lets the leaves breathe.  This is a task your children or grandchildren can do, and you can teach them a botany lesson at the same time.

Brings Out The Spring Pillows

Guest room - The 2 Seasons

If you have only been reading blogs for half a minute, you probably know already that we bloggers like our pillows.  We know that switching out the pillows is one of the easiest ways to freshen a room, change a room’s look, or prepare for a new season.  I always love pulling out our pastel springtime pillow covers.  I love to launder them, iron them, and pull them over a pillow form.  Their arrival reminds me that we have almost made it through the winter.

Buy Some Fresh Flowers

Townhouse dining room - The 2 Seasons

It might still be cool outside, and you might still need a fire to cozy up your home, but the addition of fresh flowers in spring colors will help you know and believe that spring is almost here.  If you prefer, a flowering house plant will do the same thing.  Some African violets, cyclamens, potted begonias, or pansies will do the same thing, and they will last a little longer than freshly cut flowers.

Clean the Fridge

Townhouse kitchen - The 2 Seasons

Is the inside of your refrigerator looking a little gross right about now?  Probably in less than an hour, you can go through it and take out the outdated items.  You can also organize things according to their categories, and wipe off the bottles and containers.  You can also make a list of what you are running low on so you can buy those items the next time you are at the grocery.  Also, take some time to do the same thing in the freezer section.  And before you are finished, don’t forget to clean the top, doors, and drip pan.  Here is a post that we wrote about some quicky things you can do to freshen your kitchen.

Vacuum Your Upholstered Furniture

Townhouse dining room - The 2 Seasons

Remember when we wrote above about the dust landing on your house plants?  Well, it’s landing on your upholstered furniture, too.  Pull out the vacuum and give each piece a good cleaning.  Then maybe spray some freshener like Febreeze on them.  They will look and smell so much better and be ready for you to rest after you do all of this work.


We bet you have special things that you do in your homes for spring, too.  Please share some of them with us in our comment section.



Take care.