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Hi everyone. It has been a while since we have done some random thoughts so we thought it was time.  Normally, this takes place on Tuesdays, but since we were having some blog issues, we decided to bump it up to today.


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We talked about diffusing essential oils the other day in this post, and there is so much I do not know.  I just ordered this book.  Some mornings I wonder what should I diffuse in my office?  I hope this will help me learn all about these oils.  Also, someone commented that the oils might not be safe around your pets.  That is a great tip, so check before diffusing around your furry friends.


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We love pineapples around here.  This is a good tip for all you pineapple lovers out there.  When you bring your pineapple home, set it in a container upside down.  We usually do it for two days or so depending on the ripeness.  This will ensure your whole pineapple is sweet.  It works wonders!

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I am so excited.  Our electrician is coming today to install this light in our powder room.

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I currently have a blah light hanging on the wall.  He is going to take it down and install the new light in the ceiling so it will drop down.  This room is so dark, and I wanted a huge mirror.  The one I bought is higher than the light fixture which is why we made the change.  Stay tuned.

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Speaking of this room, here is the removable stick-on wallpaper that is waiting for me to hang. I decided to go bold in this very small space.  It is actually a full bath, but it’s about the size of a small powder room.  The wallpaper is from Wallternatives, and it is beautiful.  It looks even better in person.  The folks over at Wallternatives are so sweet.  They said they would give our readers 10 percent off your purchase.  Just use the code THE2SEASONS at checkout.

Our master bedroom is something I don’t show on the blog.  It is a hodgepodge.  It is big but has a strange layout.  We have plans to do a renovation to add a laundry room, walk-in closets, and possibly a new and improved bath.  It is really a hot mess right now, though.  And to make it even worse, this big monster is now in the bedroom.

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Yep! That is an infrared sauna.  Guess what!  It wasn’t my husband’s idea but mine.  We just moved our dresser out of the room into the guest room.  I plan to paint and update it for Google’s room.  After doing the Kondo method, the dresser was empty anyway and not needed.  Our sweet neighbors were moving and selling this sauna.  For years, I have been fascinated by saunas and all of their health benefits.  So, I bought it right away and then convinced Charles that we needed it.

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Will this get used, you asked.  Yes!  We have used it almost every day.  I LOVE it.  If I am not teaching,  I wake up at 5 am and spend 40 minutes in the sauna and can’t get over how great I  feel.  I have Crohn’s disease, and there is research showing that infrared saunas are beneficial to Crohn’s sufferers.   If you want me to write more about it in a post, let me know. Oh, and I do laugh every time I go into our bedroom because it is so far from Pinterest worthy.

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Ahh this girl just melts my heart.  She was cracking me up the other day with these Valentine’s lips and her big ole play earrings.  See her stuffed animal?  Well, “George” has been with us since the day she came home.  George has been by her side and traveled the world with her. He is the best-stuffed animal.  This brand is amazing.  Our niece is even obsessed with her stuffed animal from Jelly Cat.  If you need a stuffed animal for someone, check them out here.  They can sit on their own and can handle tons of washings.  They have so many animals, and Little Miss is excited to pick one out for Google.


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I think that every time I head to Trader Joe’s, I pick up something new to me.  Well, this dairy-free queso like dip is amazing.  I was a little hesitant, but the checkout person told me it was so good.  She suggested that I heat it up and add some green chilies or some salsa.  OMG!  I had no idea cheese free queso would be so good.  For those trying to make healthier choices, give this a try.  Speaking of healthier choices, the next round of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss is open. The registration fills up quickly, so click here to secure your spot.   The next round starts March 11.  I continue to love hearing from our readers who are having such success with the program!  It truly a lifestyle.

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We are trying to produce a blog that you love, learn from, and enjoy.  Please tell us in the comments the types of posts you enjoy reading and the types of posts you want us to do more of.

Screen shot from ArbonneOne more thing…. When we wrote about our love of Arbonne and their skin care products last week in this post, we forgot to show you the starter set that we purchased when we began using it.  This is the set.  Yes, it’s a tad pricey, but these containers should last you close to six months, if not more.  We love it!!!  We are constantly running into people who tell us they have used and have loved Arbonne for years.

There you go…. our thoughts for today.




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