All of the Benches in Our Home

As I mentioned in this post, we have lots of benches in lots of different styles in our home.  I thought it might be fun to show you all of the benches in our home in one blog post so that you might get some ideas for using benches in your own home.  Let’s get started.

Dining Room

Townhouse dining room - The 2 Seasons

I love to mix up the seats at our dining table, and this bench makes that easier.  It’s at least seven years old and as solid as the day we bought it at Home Goods.  Originally, its fabric was striped, and I painted some additional stripes on it.  We wrote about that here.  Then I saw this fabric at my favorite local fabric store and had it reupholstered.  I love these colors and have them around the house.  We found a bench in a similar style but different pattern here.

Family Room

Townhouse dining room - The 2 Seasons

The family room has four benches.  Three are under the side board, and one is under a window.  The buffalo checked benches are great for when we need additional seating.  Also, they take away some of the formalness (is that a word?) of the side board.  You can buy them here.

Benches - The 2 Seasons

Since posting the family room reveal, this bench arrived.  We placed it under the windows. I love that it has space for storing our throws and the texture adds another element of interest to the room.  It is just a perfect bench for under a window. You can buy it here.

Mud Room


Townhouse mudroom reveal - The 2 Seasons


Townhouse mud room bench - the 2 Seasons

We need some place to sit when we are putting our shoes on or taking them off in the mud room.  This bench is perfect for that.  We opted to not have built-in seating which is so popular in mud rooms because I didn’t want to be locked in to one look.  You can buy a similar bench here.

Upstairs Hallway

Townhouse Upstairs hallway - the 2 Seasons

I waited for months for this bench.  It was out of stock when I originally tried to order it, and so, I had my name put on the list to be notified when it came back in stock.  When I was in Croatia last September, I received a notice on a Thursday that it was back in stock.  I ordered it immediately.  When I got home two days later on Saturday, it was waiting for me on our front porch.  This bench is very versatile and would work in lots of spots around our house, but right now its home is in the upstairs hallway.  You can buy it here.

Guest Bedroom 1

Townhouse guest bedroom - The 2 Seasons

Each of our guest bedrooms has a bench.  This is an old one that I bought at my grandfather’s farm auction.  I think it had been in the laundry building, which was a separate space from their house.

Guest Bedroom 2

Townhouse dorm - The 2 Seasons

Our second guest bedroom on the third floor houses this bench.  I turned this dormer window space into a dressing spot in the small room.  This bench can hold extras, plus it’s a good place for luggage.  It, too, is very versatile and would work in lots of spots in our house.  It was in the upstairs hallway in our last house.  You can buy it here.


Townhouse nursery - The 2 Seasons

The nursery even has a bench.  This bench was the first piece of furniture we bought as a married couple.  It has been several different colors and started out as stained maple.  It feels a spot in the nursery that needed a piece of furniture, and it provides toy storage.

The Dorm

Townhouse dorm - The 2 Seasons

The dorm, also known as kid central, has a bench, too.  It’s more for looks than for sitting – at least for now.  The grand kids would rather be playing on the floor than sitting on a bench in their room.  It’s a good place for an adult to sit though and oversee the activities.

Laundry Room

Townhouse laundry room - the 2 Seasons

Even the small laundry room has a bench.  It really doesn’t serve any practical purpose in there, but I didn’t want to give it up.  It might move to the breezeway when spring arrives.  Time will tell.


Well, there you go.  Like I said, we have a lot of benches in our house.  Do you like benches, and do you have some in your home?


Take care.


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  1. Kathleen Healey says

    We just have one on my porch made with 2 chairs & my son’s old skate board deck. Love seeing all of yours but that got me thinking, what is the definition of a bench?

  2. KittyLuvr says

    I love that wicker bench under the window!! It’s so interesting and would be a great addition to our home. I couldn’t get the “buy here” to work when I clicked on it or the picture. Any tips on how to make that work for me? Thx!

  3. Dena says

    Your links don’t seem to work. I also noticed that when you did your landry room reveal. I really liked your laundry room rug and wanted more information and love the bench in your upstairs hallway.

    • says


      Hmm I just checked and the links in the bench post should all be working. I went back to the laundry post and whoops that link for the rug was never included. I am not sure where my mom got the rug. I will add the link later today once I find out. Sorry.
      The bench is the upstairs hall is wonderful in person. Let me know if that link doesn’t work for you.