Sleeping with a Diffuser in Our Room

After hearing and reading so much about them on other blogs, and after smelling some of the scents, I asked for a diffuser and oils for Christmas.  I always enjoyed the soft and aromatic mist that comes out of a diffuser when I have been around them.  Now, I am not going to learn all of the health benefits from the different oils and how and where to use them.  I simply wanted one for my office/pantry so I could enjoy a natural fragrance while working.  However, after reading about how a diffuser with lavender oil in the bedroom helps improve sleep, we decided to give it a try.  This is the diffuser that I received, and these are the oils.  We found from our experience that there are some benefits to sleeping with a diffuser in our room.

Diffuser - The 2 Seasons

It Makes Our Room Smell Great

Well, lavender is my favorite fragrance in the whole world.  In fact, here on the blog we have used lavender to make soap, shortbread cookies, cake, and linen water for ironing.  I decided to move the diffuser to our bedroom and test drive the lavender scent for sleeping.  One of the benefits that pleases me the most is that is smells so good.

It Helps Us Sleep Better

I am shocked by how much better I am sleeping.  My husband is sleeping better, too.  I turn it on while I am getting ready for bed so the lavender scent has some time to spread throughout the room before we crawl into bed.  I am sleeping so deeply with vivid dreams, and I am waking up so much more rested than before.  I used to toss and turn for an hour or two in the middle of the night, and that has not happened since we started using the diffuser.  I plan to buy another one for my office since this diffuser now has a permanent role in our bedroom.

Diffuser - The 2 Seasons

It’s Calming and Relaxing

You can see the fine mist in this photo which is spewing out my favorite scent.  Lavender seems to just be a calming fragrance.  It’s kind of old fashioned and soothing.  My mother grows lots of lavender in her garden so perhaps the scent reminds me of her.  I don’t know exactly why, but we did both get a deeper and more restful sleep.

Diffuser - The 2 Seasons

So, add me to the list of bloggers who have tried sleeping with a lavender diffuser in the bedroom and had positive benefits.  Have you tried sleeping with a diffuser?  Did it work for you?


Take care.

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  1. KittyLuvr says

    What brand of oils are you using? I have tried several in my diffuser and can’t really seem to smell them or derive any benefits. I am willing to try another brand because I keep hearing some great things about diffusing essential oils. Thanks for any tips.

  2. Jamie says

    Just feel I need to throw it out there that a lot of essential oils while lovely for humans are toxic to dogs, cats and birds. Mine sleeps with me so I will need to diffuse at my desk at work. Please everyone do your research first before using around pets.

  3. Kate L says

    Unfortunately, the noise of the diffuser interrupts my husband’s sleep (even using lavender oil!), and we had to stop using it. Since we have a dog I’m not comfortable using it in other parts of the house. I will see if my sister wants to try it 😉