Laundry Room Reveal

We are still on the second floor this week with our laundry room reveal.  Other than our first starter home, we have always had our laundry room on the second floor near our bedrooms.  This laundry room is small and kind of white bread. It became a reality because we stole space from the previous guest bathroom layout and the previous master bathroom layout.  I explained in this post that we stole some space from the guest bath by changing the double sink into a single sink.  We also removed a wall between the sink room and the tub/toilet room.  Those two changes let us move the tub three feet which gave us three feet to use in the laundry room.  Then by completely reworking the space in the master bedroom, we stole a few more square feet that gave us enough room to create a working laundry room.  This room does not have a window so the photos are taken with lights and not natural light.

Townhouse laundry room - the 2 Seasons

Here it is.  Small and sweet.  We used the same tile on the floor in here that we used on the guest bathroom shower/tub surround.  I love it on the floor here.

Townhouse laundry room - the 2 Seasons

To make our small laundry room even more efficient, we placed both the washer and dryer on risers with drawers.  We store our laundry supplies in those drawers.  I saw this rug/runner on another blog and liked it so much that I ordered one for the laundry room.  You can buy it here.

Townhouse laundry room - the 2 Seasons

Also, the carpenters built a shelf over the washer and dryer so that we can have additional space for some accessories and storage.

Townhouse laundry room - the 2 Seasons

We also installed a wall ironing board so that we don’t need floor space to open up an ironing board.  The wall unit has space for storing the iron and spray starch.

Townhouse laundry room - the 2 Seasons

We even had enough space under the stairs that go to the third floor to make a closet for storing our luggage.

Townhouse laundry room - the 2 Seasons

The floor is the same tile that we used in the guest bath.  I love it on the floor, but like the looks of this runner on top of it.

Townhouse laundry room - the 2 Seasons

The only piece of furniture that we have room for in the laundry room is this gray bench.  It serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever other than it is something to look at.  I fold the laundry in our bedroom, but since it is just a few steps away, it isn’t an inconvenience.

Townhouse laundry room - The 2 Seasons

As far as lighting goes, we tried and tried to have a solar tube installed in the room, but they just couldn’t work it out since the space above the room is a bedroom.  Thankfully, they were able to put a solar tube in our upstairs hallway and in the second floor guest bath, but they just couldn’t work with the existing house structure to put one in the laundry room.

We have done two things in this room to make our laundry process healthier.  I will share those two things in another blog post coming soon.  Our other room reveals are here:  mud room, dining room, guest bath, powder room, front exterior, nursery, family room .

Take care.

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      Thank you Kelly. I am one of those rare breeds that loves doing laundry. My mother-in-law taught all of her tricks to me. She was a farm lady and had four boys and a girl.