Attic Guest Bedroom Reveal

Hello, everyone!  There was one main reason why we bought our townhouse and moved from the house that we thought was our “come to Jesus” house.  (I called it that because I planned to stay at that one till I died.)  That reason was the finished third floor that had two bedrooms and a bath.  Sometimes downsizing works and sometimes it doesn’t.  For some reason, our kids started getting married and having kids of their own.  Has that every happened to you????  Go figure.  Anyway, it meant we needed some more sleeping space for their visits.  I love our third floor space, which was originally an attic, and today we have the attic guest bedroom reveal for you.  The other room up there is what we are calling the “dorm” because we have it set up for the grandkids.  That reveal will be coming soon.  We gave you a peek at the bathroom in this post.

The Bed

Townhouse attic guest room - The 2 Seasons

The upstairs is pretty plain.  We did not add crown molding up there, and we decided to just use carpet rather than install hardwoods.  Hardwoods would have been noisy and not as comfortable for the grandkids when they are playing.  I selected carpet the color of dirt, and it is made from recycled plastic bottles.  It is very durable.  This is a small room, and we needed to put at least a queen sized bed in it.  I made the bed skirt and blue shams and showed you how in this post.  The white bed skirt is the one I have been raving about.  You can find it here.  The bed spread is from Ikea and is temporary until I find a white quilted one that I like.  I bought the orange shams at Ballards.  I love how they pick up the touch of orange in the art.

Townhouse attic guest room - the 2 Seasons

We didn’t have a headboard for this room, and I wanted something simple.  This black wrought iron one is perfect.  You can find it here.

Townhouse attic guest room

Behind those double doors is my craft/sewing room.  It is a huge space, and it’s large enough for a trunk to store our pillows, a table for cutting out fabric, a table for my sewing machine, and two sets of shelves.  Maybe someday I will show it to you, but it’s not quite ready for its close up.

Dressing Area

Townhouse attic guest room

There’s one dormer window in this attic guest room, and I set up a dressing area there.  We have a screen that I had planned to place in front of this long narrow spot, but we felt it was too crowded.

Night Stands

Townhouse attic guest room

This round French table was in the courtyard at our last house.  Now it’s in our attic guest room!!!  I gave it a fresh coat of black spray paint, and now it is the perfect night stand.  I love the lights that we bought for our bedside tables.  You can find them here.

Townhouse attic guest room

The other night stand is a reproduction Kentucky sugar chest.  It would have been used for sugar storage in the old days, and the lady of the house wore the key to it around her neck.  Sugar was precious.  Sorry for the bad lighting in this photo.

Townhouse attic guest room


Townhouse attic guest room - The 2 Seasons

We hope you enjoyed seeing the attic guest bedroom reveal.  Slowly, we are showing you our new home.  You can check out the other rooms that have been on the blog so far:  mud room, dining room, guest bath, powder room, front exterior, and nursery.


Take care.


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  1. Sherry B says


    I love the attic bedroom and it will serve its purpose well. The carpet the color of “dirt” strikes home as we have 8 grandchildren, all 7 and under. The P Buckley Moss print is sweet. I have a collection of her art work and just recently put some on display after having it stashed for a few years. I find inspiration in each of your posts.

    Sherry B