Lipstick Jungle

You all.  I need your advice.  Remember when we published this post about my favorite mascaras?  After buying several mascara brands and testing them, I was able to find a few that I am really happy using.  Well, I have another issue going on with makeup.  This time it’s lipstick.  I have a drawer full of lipsticks in various brands and colors, and none of them are working for me.  I am seriously considering getting my lips tattooed.  That’s right!!!  I could easily apply lipstick 10 times a day and still look as if I am not wearing any.  And, if you are a woman of a certain age (ahem) like me, then you know that we girls need our lips.  As an aside, I often tell Jordan she needs to apply some lipstick, so you young girls need your lips, too!!!

Lipstick jungle - The 2 Seasons

My lipstick either disappears or cakes up on the edges of my lips in an unsightly glob.  My lips are very, very dry on the edges.  I talking very, very, very dry.  The best lip balm for me is Vaseline.  Who knows how many jars of it I have eaten over the years.  Ha!

Lipstick jungle - The 2 Seasons

I recently ordered two tubes of lipstick from Color the World after seeing an ad for it on Facebook of all places.  It promised to be creamy (it is) and not run (it doesn’t.)  The tubes are adorable, and the colors are good. They’re also vegan, moisturizing and freshly poured as each order comes in.   I need a bright color, and they delivered.  However, it still doesn’t stay on as long as I wish it would.


If you have a lipstick for me to try that stays on, doesn’t clump up, and isn’t drying, please let me know.  Also, if you have had your lips tatooed or know someone who did, let me know about that, too.  Thanks in advance.


Take care.


  1. Cathy says

    Lipstick is my most important makeup! I love Mary Kay and MAC. No fragrance, good staying power, though I still need to apply several times a day.

  2. Gloria says

    Definitely following this thread! I think we’ve all got a drawer full of not quite right lipstick tubes. After a facial last week, I spoke with my dermatologist about (re)“lining” my bottom lip as it’s lost it’s shape. Tomorrow I’m letting her address my horrible squint lines that magnified while waiting for cataract surgery. Good luck with your search.

  3. says

    I only wear mascara, eyeliner lipstick most of the time (blush sometimes). I come from a family of 7 girls + my mom, and lipstick is a MUST! I have used Blistex DCT (daily conditioning treatment) balm under my lipstick since the early 90s, and Clinique (Long Last in Sugar Bean or High Impact in Rose Spectrum) do well for me, and my daughter sells Younique (mission is to uplift, empower and validate women globally). Their Opulence line of lipstick (Fortunate – creamy red brown) is awesomely creamy. I also love Laura Mercier’s paint wash lip liquid colour (Rosewood). I mention these colors for those like me (Irish fair skin, pink undertones with reddish brown hair). My lips can get very dry too, but these all work for me, especially with DCT as a base, always. Even if I’m gardening and not wearing lipstick, I’m wearing DCT, and have them in my purse, by me bed, in the bath….
    Don’t know anyone with tattooed lips. I might have done it at a younger than 60 age, but don’t like the idea with skin aging now (and I am NOT ever doing fillers of any kind!). Good luck!

  4. Tammy says

    The key to lasting lipstick is lipliner. I “color” my entire lips with pink L’oreal Never Fail Lipliner and then top it with Cover Girl lipstick #395. Your lips will not have the colorless look even after a meal.

  5. says

    I’m a fan of lip balm. apply it throughout the day, and as an undercoat to my lipstick. I love Honeybee Gardens. They are long lasting, at least in my experience but they are flavored, so that may be a consideration, I personally like a flavored lip balm. They are vegan and natural. Available on Amazon, I didn’t realize that they also have lipstick as well.

  6. Amy Davis says

    Try neutrogena moisture smooth color stick
    I like the colors pink grapefruit and pink nude
    Very moisturizing and stays on
    Hope this helps

  7. says

    Drugstore brands I’ve recently been loving Revlon 16hr, and 24hr. Otherwise I love MAC (the actual tube lipstick not liquid. Just make sure to also use a lipliner.)

  8. Linda says

    While I don’t love matte lipsticks, I do find that the colors are bright and they have more staying power. I find that applying a clear gloss first and then the matte lipstick works pretty well. The matte glides on and the gloss gives it a nice shine. I’ve been using Clinique color pop matte lipsticks.

  9. Deb Brown says

    I am having the same issues! I am also considering tattooing. I had my eyebrows done about two years ago, and I have been very happy with the results.

  10. Bonnie says

    I had a hard time with lipsticks until I had my makeup done at my salon for my daughter’s wedding. They have their own brand, so that wouldn’t help you out, (I’m in PA!) but it might be worth you going to your local salon for a makeup consultation. I thought it was money well-spent; as it turned out I was choosing the wrong colors for my particular coloring. I wouldn’t go the tattoo route because as we age (I’m 62) we need to modify our makeup to suit our changing look!

  11. Sunny C says

    Hey Janette; The best lipstick that I use, and I do not have any issues with, is from Macy’s. Macy’s brand…? I am sorry I will find out for sure…:-)
    For me, this is very long lasting, and does not dry out or look weird.
    As far as having as having your lips tattooed Please be most careful. I have seen some things that have turned out great and others that look really shabby!!! I am saying this due to the fact that my Sister works in the Hair Field.
    I pray that this will be of some help to you!! Take Care. 🙂