The Seasons’ Saturday Selections

Hello friends, and welcome to your weekend.  Are you going to get some winter weather?  We are expecting some here in Lexington.  Jordan and Charles will be flying into JFK, and I sure hope the weather doesn’t mess up their schedule.  Now, let’s get to our features for today.

Screen shot from Victoria magazine

My friend Beth and I enjoyed visiting this home of Louisa Mae Alcott when we toured historic homes of American authors a while back.

Screen shot from a Mind Full Mom

This chicken pot pie is the perfect food for this winter weekend.

Screen shot from House Beautiful

I love this colorful mudroom.

Screen shot from Margaret Kirkland Interiors

Browse through a beautiful portfolio here.

Screen shot from the Lettered Cottage

I love this cute bed.

Stay warm, everyone.  Please pin from the original source.

Take care.


  1. Beth says

    It was a wonderful Literary Adventure. We met a women in this room who taught the history of Decorative Arts at UCLA, she talked with us about the decor in Alcott’s home. So interesting. Do you remember meetings the Elderly woman who had been a Rockette at The Red Lion Inn?