Our Favorite Amazon Purchases Last Year

We both have Amazon Prime accounts, and although we do actively shop at and support local businesses, we sure like the convenience of using Amazon for items we can’t easily find.  And with the Prime account, most things are on our doorsteps within 24 or 48 hours.  Jordan even received an item in the afternoon after she bought it that morning.  I went through my purchases from last year and thought it would be fun to share the hits with you. We bought a lot of things for our home from Amazon (including a bidet) during the construction so there was quite a list.   I love it when a friend recommends items to me that are good, and I love the warnings to not buy something, too.  Yes, these will be affiliate links, but we just make pennies on your Amazon purchases, so this post is certainly not a way for us to make some money.  We truly want to share with you some products that we love.

Screen shot from Amazon

Alessi Michael Graves Kettle – I have had this tea kettle for 15 years, and it still looks like new.  I bought one for my daughter-in-law for Christmas, and I told her (and I truly believe this) that she will never again have to buy a new tea kettle.  It’s more expensive than your average tea kettle, but that’s why it will last so long.  You can buy it here:  Alessi Michael Graves Kettle  

Screen shot from Amazon

Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Speaker – I bought this Bose bluetooth speaker in early December so I could carry it from room to room when I was listening to Christmas music from my iphone, and I love it.  First of all, the sound quality is excellent so when I want to listen to my Pandora tunes, I know they are sounding the best they can.  I listen to a small selection of podcasts on a regular basis, and when I am home, I just listen to them on this speaker.  When I am working out or walking outdoors, I listen to my iphone with my new airpods that were a Christmas gift.  You can find the speaker here:  Bose speaker

Screen shot from AmazonOutdoor Door Mat – This might seem like a random “hit”, but I love this door mat.  I want a door mat that is a work horse which automatically rules out a lot of the cute/monogrammed/colorful ones out there.  I want it to have some staying power, too.  This mat is heavy and durable.  It will not blow away, it traps the dirt, and it looks good enough for a front door entry.  You can find it here:  door mat

Screen shot from Amazon

Bed Skirt – If you are in need of a good bed skirt for a reasonable price, then this is the one.  I bought one of these white ones for one of our guest bedrooms and liked it so much that I bought three more.  This brand has lots of gathers, comes in all sizes and seven colors.  It is a small company that is sold through Amazon.  You can find it here:  bed skirt


Screen shot from AmazonRed Stapler – When we moved, I made a conscious decision to have only the absolute necessities in my new office.  I trimmed it down to the bare essentials.  There is no junk drawer, and everything has its spot.  I bought new pens, pencils, these file folders, paper clips, scotch tape, and this stapler.  It is bright red, and it truly makes me smile every time I look at it.  I added this diffuser, which was a Christmas gift, to my office and love, love, love using it with essential oils when I am working.  I plan to get one for our bedroom, too.  Have you thought about streamlining your office down to just what you need?  You can find this fun stapler here:  Swingline stapler

Although it is a random selection, these really are some of my favorite Amazon purchases from 2018.  Since we just featured them in this post, I did not mention our favorite leggings.  I like getting value for my money, and these products did that for me.  Do you have any favorite products to share?


Take care.


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