Dining Room Reveal

I am happy to show you another room of our recently remodeled new house.  Last week, we revealed the mud room.  Originally, we had planned to reveal the rooms in order, but I have thrown out that plan.  We will be skipping all over the house, and today is the dining room reveal.  This room is to the left of the front door as we enter the house.  For all previous owners, it was a formal living room, and the dining room was beside it behind a pair of French doors.  However, the old dining room is now Mike’s office, and we did not need a formal living room since we added a family room during  construction.  We have been using the dining room for our evening meals and look forward to doing more entertaining in there.

Townhouse Dining Room 1 1024x682 - Dining Room Reveal

When we bought this townhouse, the entry into this space was just a standard sized door.  We removed the whole wall (a support beam also went in), and it opened up the entire area in a very positive way.

Townhouse Dining Room 4 683x1024 - Dining Room Reveal

If you have been with us for a while, then you will recognize most of the furniture.  We bought three new pieces for this room.  That table beside the blue and white chair is one of them.  The art over the chair was in the hallway of our last house.

IMG 5114 683x1024 - Dining Room Reveal

 We bought the binoculars in Russia.

Townhouse Dining Room 3 683x1024 - Dining Room Reveal

That armoire is one of those family pieces that I can’t get rid of just yet, but it fits perfectly into this corner and provides some nice storage.   The bar cart is another new to me purchase.

Townhouse Dining Room 10 683x1024 - Dining Room Reveal

I looked and looked for a new one and just wasn’t finding the style I wanted and then decided to look on Facebook marketplace.

IMG 5101 683x1024 - Dining Room Reveal

It is just what I wanted and will be a nice side table when entertaining.  I bought this little watercolor in an antique shop in Paris.

IMG 5100 683x1024 - Dining Room Reveal

I bought the leopard candles in South Africa, and everyone always asks where I found them.  I haven’t seen them anywhere else.

IMG 5102 683x1024 - Dining Room Reveal

I love the bamboo look of this bar cart.  I know that cherry and mahogany woods aren’t “in” anymore, but I really like this style of this cart.Townhouse Dining Room 6 683x1024 - Dining Room Reveal

You have seen this piece before, but here are photos taken with my good camera.  You can get a glimpse of Mike working in his office while I was taking photos.  We leave one French door open and one closed.  I have sheers to hang on the doors to give him privacy and block the view from the dining room but just haven’t hung them yet.

IMG 5107 683x1024 - Dining Room Reveal


IMG 5108 683x1024 - Dining Room Reveal

Townhouse Dining Room 7 683x1024 - Dining Room Reveal

This is the view when I am standing in front of the fireplace.  The bicycle, called a pennyfarthing, was built in the 1880’s, and it is the item that I would save if I had five minutes to get out of our house in an emergency.

IMG 5111 683x1024 - Dining Room Reveal

This is a very simple centerpiece.  It’s just yarn from an old fabric mill.  I bought the wooden bowl in Zambia.

Townhouse Dining Room 9 1024x720 - Dining Room Reveal

I have lots to say about his photo.  First of all, I love having a fireplace in the dining room.  It creates a special kind of cozy when eating in there.  I love having contemporary art in a traditional setting.  I love having a fireplace that doesn’t have a television over it.  And finally, I love the way this fireplace looks compared to its before.  You can see the before in this post.  The candle holders, which I love, were purchased here.

Townhouse Dining Room 81 683x1024 - Dining Room Reveal

This is the view from the blue and white chair looking at the front door.  Those rugs came from our travels.  It seems the main color of our rugs is red.  Just imagine that view with a wall and a small doorway into this room.  The paint color looks all wonky in many of these shots.  It is a very light color called Stucco by Sherwin Williams, and it doesn’t have any noticeable undertones.  We had it mixed with 50 per cent pigment, and used it in all of the main rooms.

I hope you enjoyed the our dining room reveal.


Take care.


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  1. says

    Janette, I’m enjoying your new home reveal. This space looks wonderful as wide open as it is, and I love the punches of color and art you’ve added to the traditional style.

  2. Cindy says

    Such a beautiful and inviting home. I love everything that you’ve done and can’t wait to see the rest! Thank you for sharing.

  3. KittyLuvr says

    So many beautiful touches in each room..I love reading about where you picked up certain pieces…so many memories with each piece, I am sure! Your taste in artwork is really great. So many different styles that all blend together.

  4. Debi MacQuown says

    Thumbs up for choosing the pennyfarthing as your prized possession! The lighting in this room is lovely, and I really like the airiness of the Stucco paint hue. . I have often considered switching my dining and living areas, but I love snuggling to read by my lit fireplace. So how many times have you moved now?