Mud Room Reveal

I am so excited to start showing you photos of our house.  Yes, I have shown you snippets of rooms with photos that I took with my iphone.  Today, though, I am happy to announce that my hand is out of the cast, I am three weeks into physical therapy, and I have gotten back enough small motor skills that I can now operate my good camera.  So, I pulled it out of its case, charged up the battery, set up the tripod, and started taking photos.  It has been very gloomy here for days, so these photos weren’t taken with the sun shining in.  Actually, I had to use overhead lighting because the room doesn’t have a window, but never the less, here is our mud room reveal.  I will take you through our new home room by room and then put the highlights into a full house tour when I am finished.

Curly Girl Jordan - The 2 Seasons

Before we go any further, I want to tell you all that today is Jordan’s birthday.  She is the best girl a mom could have, and we are so happy to have her.  Today is also Baby Girl’s first birthday.  I actually flew to DC yesterday and am here to celebrate with her today.  Jordan and I will be seeing each other on Wednesday, and we will do our celebrating then.  Now, let’s get on to the reveal.

Mud Room Reveal

Townhouse mudroom - The 2 Seasons

Our mudroom is located in the corner of a new addition that we had built onto the back of our house when we were remodeling.  It is small but mighty.  We have plenty of hooks for coats, a bench for putting on and taking off shoes, a shelf to hold baskets with gloves and hats, and a closet where we store our central vacuum equipment, tupperware, and more.  That closet is the result of a snafu that occurred during the remodel, but it was a win, win for us since it gave us some needed storage space.  The downside of the snafu is that the bar is a bit smaller, and you will see that during the kitchen reveal.

Mudroom townhouse - The 2 Seasons

This room backs up to our kitchen pantry/office combo, so we added an opening to simulate a window.  When I am working in the office, I can open the shutter and have light that will filter through the mudroom and Dutch door.

The Back Entry

Townhouse mudroom - The 2 Seasons

I will also be able to catch a breeze by opening the top of the Dutch door and having the enclosed breezeway’s doors open. This back entry is between our enclosed breezeway and the mudroom.

Townhouse mudroom - Te 2 Seasons

Here’s a shot of the Dutch door partially open.  And by the way, the wall color in this mud room is Pure White by Sherwin Williams, and all of the doors and woodwork are the same color in a semi-gloss oil finish.

Twonhouse mudroom - The 2 Seasons

We are continuing to use rugs that we have purchased on our travels and furniture that we love from our other homes.  This rug is a prayer rug that we bought it Turkey.  During call to prayer, the little arrows are supposed to face east.

Vintage Art

Townhouse mudroom - The 2 Seasons

The art was in my husband’s office in our last house.  It is sheet music that I found in my grandfather’s barn on the day of his farm auction.  The music is from World War I, and it is very special to me.  I plan to paint the frames black.  I bought that cute multi-color broom at an art’s fair last fall.  The handle was on a big candle snifter that was in a Catholic  church.

Townhouse mudroom - The 2 Seasons

We bought the hooks at Ikea.  Our carpenters installed them for us.

Baldwin Hardware

Townhouse mudroom - The 2 Seasons

They match our hardware finish very well.  The finished is distressed antique pewter, and all of our hardware is by Baldwin.

An Old File Cabinet

Townhouse mudroom - The 2 Seasons

This stand is an old file cabinet, and we had it in our sun room before.  I love old file cabinets and all of their drawers, which are always empty.  I had a mirror cut for the top to cover some ugly imperfections, and it is right at home in this entry.  The mirror over it was in our foyer.  The accessories in this corner will change according to the season.  And by the way, it is not orange as it is showing in the photo.  It and the floors are definitely brown.  The floor’s finish is called dark walnut.

Townhouse mudroom - The 2 Seasons

Right now this ice skating water color is perfect along with the plant.

Townhouse mudroom - The 2 Seasons

The shade came from Ballards.  I bought it at their outlet store for $5.00!!!  It adds a nice little Frenchie touch.

Townhouse mudroom - The 2 Seasons

I have to admit that I was worried about how our furniture and accessories would look in this house, and everything actually looks  so much better.  This house is bigger, and the furniture seems to have room to breathe and show off.


Townhouse mudroom - The 2 Seasons

I am trying to take a somewhat minimalist approach, and everything just fits right in and looks great.

Townhouse mudroom - The 2 Seasons

I hope you enjoyed our mud room reveal.  We will be showing off most of the rooms over the next few weeks/months.


Take care.


  1. Sandy says

    It is a lovely space and you are right about the space showing off the items more. I am looking forward to seeing other parts of your new/old home.

  2. KittyLuvr says

    What a beautiful reveal! I am so happy to learn that you are out of the cast and working toward more mobility! You have both done a great job in keeping your blog fresh during this time of healing. I must say also that your furniture looks beautiful with the new rooms and your minimalist approach is inspiring me to remove some items that I currently have out. Less is more!

  3. Donnamae says

    I think it’s great that you are able to reuse so much of your furniture. Sometimes I think just putting your things in different configurations, Or using them in different rooms, makes everything look brand new. Glad your hand is healing! 😉