The Seasons’ Saturday Selections

Welcome to the first Saturday Selections of the year.  Let’s get started.

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This is a policy we follow.  How do you feel about it?

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They compared this smoothie to drinking an apple pie.

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Mom asked for a received some AirPods for Christmas, and she loves them.  I have them and love them, too.  No more wires to deal with, and we love listening to music and podcasts with them.

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Here are some great photography tips.

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If you want to do some easy home updating on a budget, these suggestions might help.




  1. KimberlyAnne says

    I understand people’s desire to keep their floors clean. I would want to show hospitality and have my guests feel comfortable in my home. Many people do not feel appropriately dressed without shoes, even if they are your friends. Having the requirement of no shoes could send a message that your floors are more important than people. It is easy to clean your floors. Not so easy to repair hurt feelings.

  2. Margaret Schomaker says

    I have gone shoeless as a weekend guest. The first day was fine, but the grit I encountered when bare floors were not maintained was very unpleasant. Nonslip socks are going in my suitcase

  3. Gail says

    Feet have smells, fungi, and natural oils that can also spoil a clean carpet. If cleanliness is one’s objective, perhaps a hardwood or tile floor would be a better choice.