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Have you all heard about the Samsung Frame television?  I first read about them last year on Emily Henderson’s blog.  Samsung hired her to decorate a loft apartment, a vintage greenhouse, and a boat house around a Frame television.  The reason these televisions are so unique is because when they are turned off, the screen becomes art.  Mike and I both loved the concept so much that we bought one to go over the fireplace in our new family room.  We no longer have a big black object above our fireplace.  We now have colorful art.

Samsung television - The 2 Seasons

Another reason why this television is so appealing is because we can change the art depending on our mood.

Samsung television - The 2 Seasons

We have the option of having landscapes, architecture, still lifes, wildlife, action, drawings, digital art, patterns, or digital art.

Samsung television - The 2 Seasons

Plus, we can subscribe to a service for $4.95 a month to have even a broader selection of art.

Samsng television - the 2 Seasons

I am going to subscribe in January as a birthday gift to myself.

Samsung television - The 2 Seasons

We can also add mats around the art and can choose from a variety of colors.  We were even able to select the color of our frame.  We chose walnut to blend with our walnut stained floors.   We bought our Samsung Frame from a local shop, but they are available online here.

They are a lot more expensive then regular televisions, but the convenience of having art over our fireplace is so worth it to us.  Plus, they hang right against the wall, just like art.  If you want to splurge on a Christmas gift for a “hard to buy for person”, this might be the perfect gift.  Or, you might want to treat yourself. We are enjoying our Frame immensely.


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  1. ZZ says

    Wonderful way to display TV over fireplace…can’t wait to see the various artwork.

    Will you consider providing info about your shutters: louver size, construction, etc.? They are perfect for windows flanking fireplace.

    • says

      ZZ, her louver size is 2 1/2 inches wide. Ours are 3 inches which let in more light. Her louvers were custom made by The Louver Shop out of Louisville, KY.