Jordan’s Christmas Village

I love the holiday season, and Little Miss is really into it this year.  We are having a blast listening to music, decorating cookies, going to see the lights, and doing our daily acts of kindness.  We do not go crazy at our house with Christmas decorations.  We have the tree and a few other things here and there.  This year, though, I was so excited when I visited my grandparents, and my grandmother offered to give me her Christmas village!

IMG 2639 e1544122432786 768x1024 - Jordan's Christmas Village

I have always enjoyed a village, and we didn’t have one growing up.  I loved seeing them at friends’ homes, and there is just something about the village.  I think you can escape reality and daydream back to a simpler time.  It  sort of has a magical feeling.  We set the village up on the buffet in the dining room.  We eat dinner in our dining room every night, so it is fun to see the soft glow of the village.

Christmas Village1 833x1024 - Jordan's Christmas Village

Little Miss was so excited about this village, and she helped me set it up.  We started with the church in the center and placed it on some books and then worked our way out.  We picked up some supplies for “fake” snow to add to the charm of the village.

IMG 2642 e1544122568371 768x1024 - Jordan's Christmas Village

I noticed when I was unpacking the village that there were a few different brands.  You really can’t tell, and they seem to all blend well together.  Here is the inn and in the background is the library.  It is my favorite building in the village.

IMG 2644 e1544122637565 768x1024 - Jordan's Christmas Village

I laughed when we pulled out the antique shop.  Every blogger’s dream!

Christmas Village 768x1024 - Jordan's Christmas Village

Oh, this house!  A real life model would be wonderful to tour.  Setting up this village reminded me of the movie “Funny Farm”.  It came out in the 80’s and is with Chevy Chase.  At one point he is trying to sell his house, and he hires the townspeople to make the town feel like a Norman Rockwell Christmas.  It is a cute movie if you haven’t seen it. It’s one of my mom’s favorites.

I look forward to setting this up year after year with my daughter.  I know Grandma is happy that it is out and that we are enjoying it.



  1. Chrystine says

    Beautiful. I only have 3 houses purchased at Lidle’s in the UK three years ago. If you have any links where more can be purchased, let us know.

  2. KittyLuvr says

    What a beautiful post…my mother in law just gift each adult grandchild 4-5 pieces from her village….all 6 of them!!!!!!!!!!! And she still kept her original 7 for her condo….they grew up watching her collection grow and enjoyed seeing all the accessories and the’s a fun tradition to pass on….