The Table Is Set for a Holiday Dinner

We had friends for dinner over the weekend, and I want to show you the table that I set.  Now, before I started reading blogs, I probably wouldn’t have done this combination of patterns and colors.  However, reading blogs keeps confirming to me that anything goes, and that’s the approach I took with our dinner table.

Navy Plaid Tablecloth

Christmas table - The 2 Seasons

The navy plaid fabric on the tablecloth matches the ribbon that I bought for our front door wreath and mantel wreath.  You can buy a similar tablecloth here.  However, as I mentioned last week, those wreaths are bowless because I can’t tie a bow with my hand in a cast.  I’m hoping that by the time you read this, my friend has tied the bows for me and my hand is out of a cast and into a brace.  That will spell freedom to me.

Red Gingham Plates

Christmas table - The 2 Seasons

You have seen these plates before.  I pull them out for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and July 4th.  Ditto for the salad plates.  The rattan chargers are good in the summer and winter.  You can buy similar ones here ,and they would make great gifts.If I had wanted to be a tad more formal, switching the rattan chargers for silver trays, like in this post, would have done the trick.

Simple Centerpiece

Christmas table - The 2 Seaobs

The centerpiece is a simple arrangement I made from grocery store flowers.  I put it in a mercury glass vase similar to this one and added some red ornaments and pine cones.

Tarnished Napkin Rings

Christmas table - The 2Seasons

The napkins are dish cloths that I bought at a French street market when I was over there bicycling.  They make great napkins, and the napkin rings are made from flattened silver spoons.  I didn’t even bother to polish them.

Dollar Tree Glasses and Fine Silver

Christmas table - The 2 Seasons

Our good silver flatware and water glasses from the Dollar Tree make this a very high low tablescape.  That is the kind of Christmas table I like best.

Christmas table - The 2 Seasons

Have you planned out your Christmas table yet?


Take care.


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