Latest Updates at Our New House

Happy Wednesday, friends.  Before I get into the topic, I just want to tell you that I get a new cast on my hand/arm today.  In fact, since we are going on a cruise in two weeks, they might put a removable cast on it.  This thing is so tight, and I will be glad to stretch out my limb a little bit.  Meanwhile here at the house, things are happening.  Even though we are unpacked, pictures are hung, and the Christmas tree is up, there are still workers here.  Ugh!!!  Here’s why……

New Landscaping


There has been so much rain that the landscapers have not been able to start work until this week.  Sadly, the temperatures are in the low 20’s, but they are out there working away.  You might remember that it was 90 degrees when they did the courtyard.  I took these photos from an upstairs bedroom so I could avoid going outside.


Our plumber forgot to run gas to the new fireplace, so, the landscapers had to dig a trench 18 inches deep from one side of the house to the other, including under the side walk.  They also have to dig under the courtyard wall, tear out some of the new landscaping so the plumber can do the job he didn’t do in the first place.


All he had to do originally was connect to the existing gas line that we ran for him during construction.  Now that line is under our hardwood floors.  It would have saved all of us a big headache.  Of course, he said it wasn’t his fault.  Sorry, but I might be a tad bit bitter.  Luckily, we discovered the problem before the landscapers started so they could just fit it into their work.

Garage Updates


Meanwhile, on the inside of the house, a crew has been working in our designer garage for the past two days to install the beautiful new floor.


I’ll write a full post about our garage later, but let’s just say that in the world of garages, this one is really pretty.  We had this kind of garage in our two previous houses, and we had this floor in our last basement and this house’s basement.


Even the grime, oil, and dirt from dirty cars and tires can’t hurt it.  It just washes up with a little ammonia and water and then looks brand new again.  Mike likes a nice garage and a nice basement.


If you follow us on Instagram, then you have seen our Instastories about all of this.  We have decided to up our presence on the Instastories and share what’s going on more often.  Please consider following us, if you don’t already.  Also, we really appreciate all of  you who purchased Arbonne products after reading this post.  We hope youl ove them as much as we do.  We are going to write a future post to answer some of the questions you had.


Take care.


  1. Karen Witt says

    I wrote last week about the garage floor and haven’t heard from you. I’m hoping for more info about the garage floor. What’s the product? Who does this in Lexington? Can I Purchase the product and do it myself? Thanks.

    • says

      Sorry I didn’t get back to you, Karen. Premiere Garage installed our garage floor. I think they’re in Nicholasville. Kenny, the owner’s, number is 859-621-7510. I do not know if you can buy the product and DIY it since that was never our intention. An internet search could answer that question.