Our Skin Care Routine

Hello everyone!  We hope you had a wonderful holiday.  Ours was perfect in every way.  We want to ease into the new week by sharing our skin care routine with you.  It’s always fun to hear what people do in their daily lives to stay fit and look their best so we thought it would be fun to tell/show you what we are using on our skin.  I am going to address my routine, but Jordan is using the same products.

Arbonne skin care - The 2 Seasons

I had been using the same skin care products for almost ten years, and my skin had lost its luster.  I was dealing with some eczema that required me to apply cortisone cream to parts of my face every day, and the delicate skin around my eyes would often get flaky.  I had used some samples from Arbonne and decided to buy some of their products.  I started this routine back in July, and so, I have been following the steps for a few months now.  Although my skin isn’t quite as smooth as a baby’s bottom, it looks pretty darn good.  Remember…..I am a cyclist and spend plenty of hours in the sun, which I know is the worst thing you can do to skin.

Arbonne Skin Care

Arbonne skin care - The 2 Seasons

At the advice of my friend Ange, who is a consultant for Arbonne, I bought these products.

Arbonne skin care - The 2 Seasons

It includes all of these items.

Arbonne screen shotAdditional Products

Arbonne uses natural products that are not harmful to my skin.  I was ready to go a more natural route.  After all, our skin is our bodys’ biggest organ.

Arbonne skin care - The 2 Seasons

I also bought the nightly resurfacing pads, which are wonderful, and the Genius Stick, which helps my skin absorb the products.

The Results

Arbonne skin care - The 2 Seasons

I am so proud of the way my  skin is looking that I am even sharing this awful selfie with you.  I am not wearing foundation in this photo, and I am in my sixties.  Plus, the eczema is totally gone.  Pretty good for an old broad – right?

Arbonne skin care - The 2 Seasons

Although I know my skin won’t look as good as these two, I am so happy with the result that I, too, have become an Arbonne consultant along with Jordan.  Arbonne carries make up, health products, and more along with its skin care.  I also am happy that they have a philanthropic involvement.

Arbonne skin care - The 2 Seasons

The initial purchase price is hefty, but the products last a long time.  You can certainly buy the products individually.  I am still using the same containers that I  bought in July.  Plus, Arbonne is having holiday specials right now so give yourselves a gift of healthy skin for the holidays and new year.  To learn about or purchase Arbonne, go to this Arbonne link or any of the links above.

Take care.



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