DIY Monograrmed Place Cards

We love to use place cards in our family when we are entertaining.  They eliminate that last minute awkwardness when people are wondering where they should sit during dinner.  It also gives us, as hostesses, the power to control the meal-time conversation by planning who sits beside whom.  Mom was looking for some special place cards to use for Thanksgiving and couldn’t find any that she really liked.  She called and asked me if I could make some for her.  I said I would see what I could come up with on my Silhouette Cameo.

The Process

IMG 2466 e1542568886753 768x1024 - DIY Monograrmed Place Cards

I have always said I have a love/ hate relationship with my cameo, and those feelings continue. There are some newer models such as this one.  While I do have that relationship, I am so glad to have one because it has been so helpful for making many things like this DIY advent calendar, these DIY monogrammed koozies,  this DIY Valentine tutu, and this laundry room door.  Those are just a few of the Silhouette Cameo projects we have shared here on the blog.

IMG 2465 e1542569292917 768x1024 - DIY Monograrmed Place Cards

Mom’s place cards were easy.  I decided to create an H monogram for the last name for the main part of the place card.  I had already used this monogram for my mom awhile ago so it was easy to pull up.  I then added each person’s name in a script font at the bottom.  The thing that was cool about the machine this time was instead of cutting, I used a silhouette cameo pen that drew the design.  Plus, it was super fast.  The next step was to go in and cut the place card with the machine.  For some reason I was only able to cut half of the place card.  So, instead of doing a lot of figuring out to see what was wrong, I pulled out my scissors and cut them out.

IMG 2467 e1542569232570 768x1024 - DIY Monograrmed Place Cards

The pen feature is really cool, and there are so many different possibilities.  I am now thinking I can use this to address our Christmas cards.

DIY Monogrammed Place Cards Results

Place cards 768x1024 - DIY Monograrmed Place Cards

Here are four of the eight that I made.  I love how they turned out, and it was so easy to make them for the family.  I think Mom will be happy with them, and it is one less thing she has to do.  We will put a photo of the table setting on our Instagram on Thursday so if you don’t yet follow us, be sure to do so.  Here is our link. We will be posting other activities, too.



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