Plans to Update the Powder Room

Hello, everyone.  One thing I have been wanting to do this year is work on updating our powder room.  I haven’t done much in terms of decor around the house so I thought it was finally time.  I want to show you how it looks now so you’ll appreciate the after even more.  Beware….. these are quick iPhone photos.

Bath 1 768x1024 - Plans to Update the Powder Room

It is a small bath without a window, but it does have a full bath/ shower.  While I don’t feel we need a tub in this room, we are not going to remove it.  We are adding a much bigger mirror which I have already purchased, and the wall light will be removed.  We will hire an electrician to hang a pendant light from the ceiling so it will be directly over the sink.

Bath 2 768x1024 - Plans to Update the Powder Room

At this point, I make the most of the shower/tub and use it to hang my delicate clothes that I don’t want to put in the dryer.

Bathroom before 768x1024 - Plans to Update the Powder Room

This room did have a clear shower door so we removed it, and I painted the vanity and changed the mirror from the original mirror.  Our plans are to wallpaper one wall with a bold colorful print.  I already have it and can’t wait to see it on the wall.  Then the remaining walls will be painted a dark color to blend with the paper.  I’m considering painting the ceiling the same color.  Of course, I want to replace the floor, but Yankee isn’t in favor of that because he would have to do the work.  He is hesitant after this fiasco.

We probably won’t get to this project until after the holidays, but the planning is definitely in the works.  Stay tuned…..