The Dresser Knobs

Last week when we showed you the results of the painted dresser that we put in our dining room, we said that we would show you the knobs and accessories this week.

Townhouse dresser after - The 2 Seasons

The original knobs were brass, but Mannie forgot to bring them when he delivered the dresser.  I saw that as an opportunity to try something new.  I didn’t want to use a traditional knob.

Townhouse dresser

Lucky for me, Hobby Lobby was having a 50% off sale on knobs the day Jordan and I went there.  We searched through their selections, and as soon as we saw these, the hunt was over.


Dresser 4 768x1024 - The Dresser Knobs

They are the perfect accent to the flat black (Tricorn by Sherwin Williams).


In addition to my navy lamp with the green Ballards Design shade and monogram finial, I have an antique bowl full of wooden toy tops.  I bought the tops from a street vendor in Nicaragua when we were there in February.

Dresser 2 768x1024 - The Dresser Knobs

They were hanging from a nail and were tied on with string.  I included the string.  Why not?You know I love to buy nontraditional souvenirs when we travel.  I plan to accessorize this dresser according to the season, and the wooden tops are perfect for fall.


We had snow here today, and it was the perfect weather to get me in the mood to plan my menu and shopping list for Thanksgiving.  Are you ready yet?


Take care.


  1. Beth says

    I love how you have updated and repurposed this marvelous dresser. It is spot-on.looks like we went from summer to winter.

  2. KittyLuvr says

    Absolutely love this dresser, the knobs, the finial, and the tops! Very creative presentation….